Shovel Knight Dig: How to Unlock Stage Shortcuts

Shovel Knight Dig is a roguelike take on the indie darling Shovel Knight. You’ll need to dig your way through difficult zones packed to the brim with enemies and items trying to kill you around every corner. After you’ve nearly escaped with your life and defeated a boss, you might want to skip that level that causing you trouble. Here’s how to unlock stage shortcuts in Shovel knight Dig.

Shovel Knight Dig: How to Unlock Stage Shortcuts

If you’re looking to unlock stage shortcuts in Shovel knight Dig, you will have to beat the first boss of the game, Spore Knight. After making your way through the three zones of Mushroom Mines, you’ll encounter the Spore Knight boss fight. After taking down Spore Knight, you’ll proceed to the next zone, which can be one of two different areas.

It can either be Secret Fountain or Smeltworks. It doesn’t matter which one you get your first time because both will unlock the stage shortcut option.

Now head back to the surface by dying or voluntarily choosing to leave. You’ll be met by a new face telling you about a nearby camp. Head left of the giant hole in the ground and keep going until you reach the camp. It will be two full screens over.

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Now talk to the robed wizard standing past the two knights sitting down. The wizard will offer you the ability to purchase a stage shortcut for 2,000 gems. This will allow you to begin your run on the second stage instead of going through the Mushroom mines again.

Now it’s essential to note that this will mean you’re going into the second stage without any upgrades or powerful items you may have collected in the first stage, so be warned.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock stage shortcuts in Shovel Knight Dig.

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