Why is CS:GO So Popular?


CS:GO is 10 years old but it still has almost 30 million monthly active users spread across the world. The super fun first-person shooter is also one of the top esports on the planet with massive tournaments going down nearly every week. You can stream and bet on CS:GO tournaments at https://gg.bet/en-ca/counter-strike. Keep reading to find out why CS:GO is still as popular as ever!

1. Easy to Learn

CS:GO is a team-based first-person shooter. You either play as terrorists or counter-terrorists and need to kill the enemy while either planting or defusing the bomb.

CS:GO is one of the few esports where you can start playing straight away. You don’t have to spend hours learning the rules and trying to figure out the controls. After spending a couple of minutes practicing shooting you are ready for your first real game! Be warned though this game is seriously addictive and you may spend all of your free time playing CS:GO!

2. Great Team Esport

All of the top esports on the planet share one common feature, they are multiplayer games. With CS:GO you can link up with 4 of your buddies and form a super squad as you take on opposing teams. In CS:GO communicating with your teammates is a big part of the game as you let them know where the enemy is and coordinate your rushes and attacks.

CS:GO has an awesome, fun social community. For many gamers is where they go to hang out with their friends and is a major source of socializing. This aspect is a major reason why this 10-year first-person shooter is able to retain its popularity so well.

3. Challenging Gameplay

CS:GO is very simple to start playing but don’t be fooled, this game will continue to challenge you. CS:GO is a heavy skill-based game and it will take you hundreds of hours to perfect your shooting mechanics and to learn the latest strategies.  may only take a few minutes to learn the rules and start playing, but it takes a lifetime to master.

Final Thoughts

Some describe CS:GO as the perfect esport. It is easy to learn, great fun to watch, is very social yet at the same time has amazing gameplay that continues to challenge players who have been playing CS:GO since it first came out 10 years ago. We expect this legendary first-person shooter to be just as popular as it is now in another 5 years and the tournaments are only going to get bigger!

Golam Muktadir is the chief editor of Surprise Sports. He checks all the sports content and craft it to make it more digesting for the readers.


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