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Of all the Healer role classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Signifier might be the most unorthodox. The Signifier wields a large flag and spends the majority of its time buffing allies rather than healing them directly. While this doesn’t make it the most potent healer, it does allow for some creative team builds that can make the most of the Signifier’s wide range of buffs. But not without first finding this elusive class.

How To Unlock The Signifier Class

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The Signifier class can be unlocked after reaching the Erythia Sea in Chapter 5. Head to the quest marker in the far northeast corner of the map to find an island. Disembark from the ship and approach the prone form of a young girl on the beach to begin Fiona’s Hero quest “Transparent Dreams.”

Fiona is the leader of the nearby Agnian Colony, Colony Mu, but she lost touch with her team after buying them time to escape a Kevesi attack. She asks for the team’s help in saving her friends, which they agree to, of course. The quest will then ask you to travel to four different spots on the island to rescue Fiona’s team.

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The first three locations only contain the husks of Fiona’s dead compatriots, but a few members of her team are still alive at the fourth spot. A group of Kevesi soldiers and some strange beasts are about to attack them, so Fiona and Ouroboros jump in to help. After the battle, Fiona admits she knew that they were Ouroboros the whole time before asking them for one other favor: destroying Colony Mu’s Flame Clock.

Finding The Flame Clock

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The only problem there is that the Flame Clock you can see isn’t the real one. The Consul of Colony Mu has hidden the real Flame Clock somewhere nearby as a ploy to keep the residents docile. Fiona asks you to look around the colony and try to piece together where the true Flame Clock might be.

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There are a few different leads to follow, but you’ll only need to track down two pieces of information within Colony Mu. Once both are collected, you’ll need to discuss the topic at a nearby rest site. After the discussion, however, the Consul makes the first move by taking control of every soldier in Colony Mu.

The Ultimate Betrayal

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The following cutscene brings players right into the middle of the action below the fake Flame Clock. Irma, one of Fiona’s closest friends, reveals herself to be the new Consul of Colony Mu. She couldn’t understand Fiona’s desire to sacrifice herself for others, and she turned against her friend out of pain and jealousy.

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Fiona refuses to give up on her, though, and Lanz has to step in to keep Irma from shooting Fiona. When the rest of the team finally steps into the fray as well, Irma transforms into Moebius I, triggering a boss battle. At level 47, Moebius I is no pushover, dealing powerful attacks that can hit multiple characters at once. Remember that Chain Attacks can also be used to safely heal the entire party.

Fiona’s Resolve

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Once Moebius I is defeated, she’ll transform back into Irma and collapse on the ground. Fiona will rush to her side, where Irma will offer a tearful apology for all the pain she’s caused. In one of the game’s more emotionally resonant moments, Fiona lets out an anguished cry as Irma gently dissipates.

Once Irma is dead, the illusion hiding the real Flame Clock dissolves, revealing it to be located in the nearby memorial flower garden. Fiona meets the team there, where she reflects on everything that’s happened before offering to join you on your journey. Noah and Mio destroy Colony Mu’s Flame Clock and Fiona joins the party as a Hero character.

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The Signifier

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The Signifier class is tricky to master but incredibly powerful when used properly. While not the strongest medic, the Signifier nevertheless proves its worth by providing buffs to the entire party. How it does so, though, is where things get interesting.

The only Art the Signifier has that can buff allies directly is its Talent Art, Cry of Faith. To provide allies with stat boosts, you’ll need to pair the Aureole Art with Resonant Flag. The first ability provides a single buff to the Signifier, while the latter spreads any buffs on the Signifier to every other character on the team. It’s a tricky balance to master with a bit of a risk/reward mechanic built in.

The Signifier’s only healing Art is Heal Harmony, which places a regenerative field on the ground. Players can also take advantage of the Signifier’s high attack power with Arts like Illuminate and Spirited. Both attacks get a damage boost for each buff applied to the character using them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, take a look at the Expansion Pass’ Wave 2 which includes a new Hero and unique challenges.


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