How to Clean Foosball Rods

Foosball rods are an essential component of the table. If it fails, it will be difficult to replace. If you’d like to use your foosball table for an extended time frame, you must learn how to clean the foosball rods properly.

This chapter opens with the significance of cleansing foosball rods. People are typically more concerned with the table than the rods, which is illogical.

Next, a comprehensive guide to cleansing foosball rods has been presented. It includes three methods applicable to a variety of circumstances. Depending on the circumstances, you could choose any of them.

How to Clean Rusty Foosball Rods

There are a few solutions for rusty foosball rods. In this part, we’ll talk about three distinct approaches.

  • Do it at home method
  • General approach 
  • Advanced approach

Each method has its own particularities and qualities. You may choose whichever of these options seems most suitable to you.

Tools That Will Be Required To Clean Foosball Roads

  • Dryer
  • Hand gloves and safety goggles
  • Paper towel
  • Scotch Brite hand pads
  • Water
  1. For method one: Paste of baking Soda
  2. For method two: Using any industrial substance (for example, WD-40 Lubricants)
  3. For method three: making use of mechanical abrasion (here, we will use sanders)

Method 1: Do It At Home

This is a simple technique for getting rid of corrosion. This technique can be used if your poles have just a light coating of corrosion.

In this technique, common household things like baking powder will be implemented.

Let’s take a look at how to cleanse the rods of a foosball table with baking soda.

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Step 1: Prepare the Baking Soda

In order to produce baking soda, the ratio of baking soda to water must be considered carefully.

Take only one portion of water and three portions of baking soda.

Ensure that the substance is not too watery. It should be slightly denser.

Step 2: Uninstall the Rods

To apply the adhesive, all rods must be unscrewed from the table. If you fail to separate the rods, the baking soda substance may damage the table’s finish.

Step 3: Apply the Paste to the Foosball Rods

Now, apply the substance to the rods with care. You may use either your hand or a stiff brush. Regardless of your method, ensure you pay attention to all essential elements.

Step 4: Scratching and Washing

Now, begin to clean the poles with a scotch pad. You will observe that the corrosion has been completely removed after a moment. If you believe it is incomplete and still contains corrosion, repeat this procedure.

Now, you can launder it and dry it whenever it appears to be sufficiently clean.

Method 2: A General Approach

When the corrosion around the rods is particularly severe, these methods can be used. In this method, a commercial chemical rust eliminator is employed.

As a consequence, we will use WD-40 Lubricant in this situation.

You may also use StarBrite Rust Stain Remover, Rescue Rust Remover, and CLR PRO Calcium.

Step 1: Apply the Lubricant

(Gloves and shields are necessary for this procedure because the chemical discharge is dangerous)

The rods do not need to be removed from the table in this technique. Spray WD-40 on the rods, and then scour them rapidly with the scrubber.

This chemical is more potent than the baking soda solution. Consequently, you will obtain a superior result.

After a moment of massaging, you will observe a difference.

Step 2: Wipe Out the Rust

When the rust begins to fade, clean the surface with a paper towel. Repeat this procedure until all traces of rust have been removed.

Method 3: Advance Approach

If your foosball table is in terrible condition and the first two methods fail to eradicate the corrosion, this will be your only remaining option.

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Here, you are required to operate a sander machine.

Normal solutions are incapable of removing the rust because it becomes so tenacious.

Step 1: Prepare Your Sanders

The sander required a disk for particular tasks. Installing a metal polishing disk is necessary for sanding metal.

Step 2: Sand the Metal

Ensure that you have a firm grip on the metal before you begin sanding it. Now activate the machine and continue to sand the corrosion with the disc. You do not need to exert any additional force; simply proceed ordinarily.

Step 3: Clean the Rods

Afterward, use a fresh towel to remove the grime. After polishing, cleaning isn’t necessary.

How Often Should You Clean Foosball Rods?

There is no golden rule regarding how frequently you should clean your foosball rods.

However, as a matter of thumb, the more frequently they are used, the more frequently they will need cleansing. If you play foosball frequently, you should dust and oil the shafts once every two to three weeks.

This will ensure that your table remains in excellent functioning order and that your foosball games run smoothly.

Why It’s Important to Clean Foosball Rods?

If you’ve spent $2,000 on a foosball table, you don’t want it to be damaged too rapidly. The rods are the essential component of a foosball platform because it is the most frequently utilized component.

However, if you sanitize the rods on a monthly basis, they will not rust and become nearly impossible to move while playing. Thus, it is essential to sanitize foosball shafts. Moreover, corroded foosball rods will make an abrasive noise when they move.

As a result, you and your friends will need help to focus on the game adequately. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to clean foosball rods and remove rust from them. Also, the maintenance of foosball poles is essential.

How to Maintain Your Foosball Table

The best method to maintain your foosball table is to keep each and every component spotless. This includes scrubbing not only the crucial foosball rods but also the figurines, balls, and tabletop.

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The majority of the foosball table can be cleaned with a mildly dampened cloth, as this will remove the majority of the grime and debris accumulating on the table’s surface and handles. Use caution when applying strong chemicals to the surface, as they may be corrosive and destroy the table.

You may discover that cloth is inadequate for cleaning the crannies. Use a can of compressed air with a nozzle in this instance, as this will remove any grime that has accumulated in the crannies.

Apply a small quantity of rubbing alcohol and delicately clean any particularly adhesive or filthy areas. If anything falls on the table while you are playing, be sure to clear it up as soon as possible, as this will be much simpler than if you wait until it has dried.

Placing your foosball table in the proper environment is another method to ensure that it will withstand the test of time. The optimal environment for a foosball apparatus is a cold, dry location. Remember to avoid placing the table in direct sunlight, as this causes the colors to diminish and the metal to enlarge, thereby impairing your performance.

Ask a friend or relative for assistance if you need to move the foosball table from one location to another. Avoid dragging it, as it can easily cause damage to the supports and distort the table.

If this is the case, you may discover that your table is asymmetrical, rendering your game unfair because one participant will be at the foot of the slope.


Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to easily and quickly clean foosball rods now that you’ve read this. We began our piece by discussing the significance of keeping foosball rods clean.

Following that, we demonstrated three distinct approaches to washing the rods. These procedures are all remarkably illuminating and simple to implement. Any of them will make the process more manageable for you.

In addition, we have included a list of the tools required for this procedure and foosball table maintenance in general.

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