All the Foosball Tables Parts and Accessories Explored!

Foosball is a tabletop game that has a huge familiarity worldwide. It is a game of aristocracy, elegance, and expertise. You must know adequately about all parts and accessories related to a foosball table, whether you are a beginner or a professional foosball player.

If you want to be experienced in foosball gameplay rules, you must know the names and works of foosball table parts and accessories. It will help you have a good command of the game.

Moreover, you must address all parts when looking for an amateur or professional foosball table to purchase. You can check all the related parts and accessories to the table before a worthy investment.

Don’t worry! I am ready to introduce you to all the foosball table parts and accessories. So, no more words. Let’s explore here.

Foosball Table Parts & Accessories That You Need to Explore

There are hundred more models of foosball tables on the market. They have numerous parts and accessories that require proper installation and replacement for the gameplay.

Table Players

Whatever you call foosball players, men or guys, they are crucial parts of foosball tables to play the game. Furthermore, we must think about playing foosball with players or men.

There are two basic types of foosball players: counterbalanced and non-counterbalanced. Each table has 22 to 26 players (11 or 13 guys per team).

Though there are different designs of foosball guys, the men with pointed toes and cross-hatching feet are perfect for better control. However, you may choose the foosball men as yourgo-to shots, like bank shots, snake shots, passing, and scoring.

Table Rods

Foosball rods are one of the most expensive parts of tables. It has a significant impact on making the game speedier and more accurate. Some rods make the game sluggish.

However, the shots’ accuracy and intensity depend on the type of foosball types. There are three major types of foosball tables: hollow, solid, and telescoping.

Some of them are heavier, and some are lighter. For example, hollow rods are lighter than solid rods. Therefore, the hollow foosball rods offer faster gameplay than the solid rods.

Foosball hollow rods let you perform shots at a high level. If you want to be a top-level foosball performer once, you should practice playing with hollow rods. The tournament-level tables for American Styles come with rods that are hollowed out.

Solid rods are common for low-end foosball tables. It is ideal for concentrating on the skills rather than the shots. The solid foosball rods slow performers’ power to take complex and tricky shots.

Telescoping rods are applicable for mostly European model tables. It seems a more intricate rod model than others with a folding core into a sleeve. The telescoping rods are good for safety, with no risk of sliding out of the table. However, beginners shouldn’t start playing with telescoping rods.

Table Bearings

Foosball bearings are also known as bushings that let rods slide in and out of the table without friction. There are usually 16 bearings on a foosball table for 8 rods, counting 2 for each.

Though most guys overlook the bearings of foosball tables, you must consider bearing quality to prolong the rods’ longevity. You should buy good-quality foosball tables for durable and serviceable bearings. So, bearing quality is a close-considering issue when looking for a foosball table.

Maintaining foosball bearings is essential for enduring service. In this regard, you can apply liquid silicone at the end of the rods to make the bearings lubricated. It will save you money from further bearing replacement.

Table Bumpers

Manufacturers install rubber-made black bumpers at both ends of rods. The foosball bumpers work as hitting shock absorbents. It provides a cushion between the table wall and the man to prevent damage from faster and harder shots.

There are a few bumpers made of metal springs that may cause some damage to the table walls. The dense black rubber bumpers provide the proper spacing with enough tension for better hitting.

Table Balls

Foosball table balls vary based on play style and quality. Manufacturers use different materials (cork, texture, plastic, and more) to make different categories of foosball balls. However, I don’t recommend slick and shiny plastic balls for professional players.

Textured foosball balls are the most common for the American tournament-style foosball tables. It is a great blend of cork and smooth balls for a high-speed, solid-hitting feeling. Playing with textured balls seems noisy while bouncing off table walls and scoring goals.

Crock foosball balls are usually played on European-style tables. It is perfect pin shots with more systematic and strategic execution. The crock foosballs are more sticky and tacky to offer more ball control on the European tables. Therefore, you will enjoy the finest gaming experience ever.

Smooth foosball balls come with a slick coating outside, making it extremely hard to keep pinned under men on the table. Though smooth foosball balls are better than traditional balls, they lack tacky factors to improve ball control. Moreover, it produces undesirable gaming noise.

Traditional soccer foosball balls are the cheaper type played on low-end tables. Though it is an inexpensive alternative, it could be better for pinning, gripping, and controlling the balls. Furthermore, the traditional balls leave a lot of noise while bouncing around the table.

Foosball Legs & Levelers

You must care about the foosball table legs and levelers while seeking a quality table. Apart from skinny table legs that make the table wobbly and shaking when playing shots.

You can fix the issue with good-quality table legs measuring 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches or larger. There are two types of foosball table legs: adjustable leg levelers and flat legs.

The adjustable leg levelers allow you to customize the table height depending on the ground type. You can easily screw and unscrew the adjustable legs as your demand. The flat legs require more trial to wipe leveling error away from the table.

Table Handles

Foosball table handles remarkably affect gripping, controlling, and performing gameplay. So, you must consider handle quality while looking for the best tables within your budget.

There are three different types of foosball table handles: plastic, rubber, and wooden. The rubber and wooden handles are the best alternatives to the plastic handles for smoother grip, better control, and faster shots. Make sure to choose ergonomic handles for comfortable and long-playing sessions.

Handle Wraps

Using handle wraps is a good idea for better grip and convenient advanced shooting. Most professional players use handle wraps to improve their grip for faster and smoother pull or snake shots. It also helps them to develop their defense and passing power.

The thickness and tackiness of handle wraps depend on quality materials. However, it is tough to identify the perfect wraps because comfort varies with players’ unique styles and gameplay.

Roll Pins & Punch

Foosball roll pins are small pieces to attach men and handle to the rods. It’s a great way of holding men and handles to table rods without relaxing or breaking them. A punch is a tool to install roll pins in the rods. It helps you attach men and handles to rods properly.

Almost high-end tables come with good-quality pins that last for years. You can replace the roll pins if needed while replacing the foosball men. The 15 pins and 1 punch are available together in a package.

Foosball Scoring Units

Most foosball tables come with scoring units on each side to keep goal tracks. They are usually plastic-made lightweight, and small pieces numbered 1 to 5 or 5 to 10. It is slightly prone to damage while playing the game. However, the scoring units are available to replace if needed.

Foosball Table Essentials: If You Miss Them

In this section, I will recommend some optional but essential foosball table parts or items to make the gameplay more exciting. You can consider them for a better playing experience.


Though silicone isn’t directly a part of a foosball table, it is essential to keep rods clean and maintained. Moreover, the regular use of silicone extends the life of table bearings. You can apply liquid silicone inside of bearings to keep them lubricated for faster and smoother shots.

Table Lighting

You must think about the proper table lighting while playing the game at night. It makes balls, men, and table surface more visible to players from each corner. Therefore, you can see the ball while moving back and forth. Thus, it helps you take the proper position for perfect shooting.

There are various lighting options, like LED lights and conventional bulb fixtures. You can install lights on your table in three different styles: table top mounting, hanging from the ceiling, and placing in the ceiling by plugging into a power outlet.

You can choose any of the lighting methods that fit your table well. However, ensure the lights are properly placed to avoid unwanted shadows on your table.

Table Cup Holder

Though a cup holder is an optional part of a foosball table, it makes the playing moment more enjoyable with the preferred beverage. Some foosball tables come with built-in cup holders, and some require additional installation.

Choose a decent cup holder design that helps you keep your table clean and maintained. However, you should be careful with the cup holder while playing an aggressive game.

Table Cover

Both indoor and outdoor foosball tables are prone to absorb dust, debris, pet hair, and more. It mars the longevity and usability of the table for a longer period. Furthermore, the outdoor tables deal with sunlight, rain, snow, falling leaves, and more. You must protect your well-invested table from quick damage.

Foosball table covers offer an ideal solution to the problem and keeps the table clean and protected for the next games. Purchase the table according to the dimension of your table to ensure the right fit.

Let’s Wrap Up

There are different styles of foosball tables for different gameplay. However, parts and accessories are almost uniform for all types of tables. The quality of parts varies based on materials, manufacturers, and price. You must check all the parts of a foosball table before purchasing it.

Pay attention to the integral parts like men, rods, bearings, bumpers, balls, and others to own a quality foosball table. Otherwise, it can be a worthless investment behind an underrated table.

Furthermore, you should care about optional accessories like silicone, cup holder, cover, and lighting to make the game more pleasant. It also plays a vital role in making the table endurable.

Finally, I hope the article was didactic for you to learn about the ins and outs of a foosball table. It will keep you advanced purchase, maintenance, and replacement of the foosball tables’ parts.

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