How Many Goalies Are There In Foosball?

Foosball is a fun and exciting table game that has gained popularity worldwide. One of the main components of the game is the goalie. Do you know that in professional foosball tournaments, players can switch the goalie’s position during the game, creating new defensive strategies and adding unpredictability to the gameplay?

Many people get confused about foosball goalies, as not just one goalie is available in the game. So, how many goalies are there in foosball?

Unlike traditional soccer, which typically has only one goalkeeper defending the goal, foosball has little difference, even though foosball enthusiasts and professionals have long debated the best type of goalie system to employ in the game.

What is the Number of Goalies in Foosball?

In Foosball, there are two different goalie systems – one-goalie system and three-goalie system – which are both considered accurate and legal. This is different from soccer, where there is only one goalie. So, the number of goalies in foosball 1 and 3.

Some people believe that the one-goalie system is the only correct way to play Foosball. However, it’s important to note that international Foosball games are played using both systems, and the three-goalie system is equally valid. Therefore, the number of goalies in Foosball depends on the chosen system, which can either be one or three goalies.

One-Man Goalie

Have you ever heard of the one-man goalie setup in foosball? Most probably “yes”. Because it is the most common and popular setup, it’s a way of playing where each team has only one goalie instead of the usual three.

In the one-man goalie setup, one player is responsible for defending the goal. This goalie can move up and down and side to side to block the ball from going in.


Greater Control: With only one player controlling the goalie, there is greater control and precision in defending the goal.

Faster Movement: The one-man goalie setup allows for faster movement and agility in defending the goal, as the player can quickly move back and forth to block shots and make saves.

More Offensive Opportunities: Removing one of the defensive rods frees up another player for a more offensive role, giving more opportunities for scoring.

Better for Skilled Players: Skilled players with good reflexes, timing, and coordination can excel at the one-man goalie setup and may find it more enjoyable to play.


Vulnerable Defense: With only two defensive rods, the one-man goalie setup leaves the other defensive rod vulnerable to quick counterattacks.

Limited Goalie Coverage: Despite the increased agility and movement, it can still be difficult to cover the entire goal area with only one player, leaving gaps that opponents can exploit.

Communication Issues: The one-man goalie setup requires good communication and coordination between players to ensure that the defense is not compromised and the offense is not left vulnerable.

Three-Man Goalie

The three-man goalie system in foosball is a defensive strategy where three players are used to control the goalie rod on the table. Instead of using just one player to control the goalie, three players are positioned in a triangular formation on the goalie rod to cover more of the goal area and defend against shots from different angles.


More coverage of the goal area: With three players controlling the goalie rod, the goal area is covered more extensively, making it harder for the opposing team to score.

Better defense against different angles: The triangular formation of the three players allows them to defend against shots from different angles more effectively.

Flexibility for offensive plays: With three players controlling the goalie rod, the other two rods can be used for more offensive plays, giving the team more flexibility and a better chance to score.


Requires more coordination: The three players controlling the goalie rod need to work together effectively, which requires good communication and coordination.

Vulnerability to fast shots: The three-man goalie system can be vulnerable to fast shots that are difficult to block with three players.


Which type of goalie system foosball is followed internationally?

International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) is the governing body of foosball, and they follow the two-goalie system. The system of having three goalies is still used in some regions around the world, and a lot of players like it because it presents a greater level of difficulty.

Is it possible to change the table from 3 to 1 goalie?

Yes, it is possible to change the goalie configuration on a foosball table from 3 to 1. However, the exact process for doing so may vary depending on the specific foosball table model you have. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek guidance from a professional technician to ensure proper conversion.

Can a goalie score a point in foosball?

A goalie shot is a shot that can be taken by the goalie. In foosball, a goalie shot is legal as long as it is done within the proper boundaries. Executing the goalie shot accurately demands a significant amount of practice and expertise, as it can be a potent technique for scoring goals while avoiding the robotic-sounding execution.


The number of goalies in foosball varies depending on the type of goalie system being used. The one-goalie system and the three-goalie system are both allowed and considered accurate in foosball. Unlike soccer or football, which has only one goalie, foosball can have either one or three goalies.

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