How to Move a Foosball Table

Foosball, also known as table football and table soccer, is a popular indoor sport. Moving its table from one location to another is a difficult task.

Did you ever wonder how to move a foosball table? Foosball tables can be relocated in one of two methods. They either lift it up in one piece or dismantle it into manageable pieces for transfer.

What Do You need to Know Before Moving a Foosball Table?

When it comes to relocating a foosball table, you need to bear a number of things in mind. First, you need to make sure that the table is correctly dismantled. This can be a struggle, as most foosball tables are not intended to be readily dismantled. However, persistence and hard work will pay off in the end.

Once the table has been disassembled, you must determine how to transport it. You should have no trouble fitting the table inside if you have a large vehicle, such as a van or SUV. However, you may encounter some difficulty if you attempt to transport the table in a lesser vehicle. Renting a moving vehicle or trailer may be the best option.

Follow these steps to safely relocate your table or reorganize your game area without risking injury to yourself or the table. Keep going through the content until you understand it completely.

How to Move a Foosball Table: Step By Step

Some table models cannot be disassembled. Nonetheless, the entire table can be relocated if the passageways and storage space permit.

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But if possible, we suggest moving the table after taking it apart because it won’t break the table or other things.

In addition, top-tier foosball tables from manufacturers like Tornado, Garlando, Kick, and others are simpler to transport because they can be taken apart.

And if you can transport a Tornado foosball table, you can transport any table. Everything works the same way. Yet how?

Step 1: Separate the Playing Rods

To dismantle a foosball table, start by removing the men who dangle from the playing poles. It will make the table smaller and lighter. Also an added bonus, you’ll be able to remove the upper ring from the game area securely. Separating the rods now –

  • Unscrew the bearing
  • Pull the rods out

Step 2: Remove the Men

Splitting the poles reveals the men to be linked. In total, there are 8 separate poles. A man is fastened to every one of those rods. You can take them out with a pin-piercing instrument or mallet.

  • Place the punch pin at the pinhole of the men
  • Hammer on the punch pin gently
  • Remove the bumpers of the rods’ ends
  • Slide out the men

Step 3: Detach the Standing Legs

After the top has been removed, the table’s supports can be removed as well. To accomplish this,

  • Pull up the table
  • Unscrew all the nuts
  • Detach the standing legs

Step 4: Uninstall the Base Rim

The table’s playing surface is now contained within the table’s box/rim. To deactivate the rim-

  • Unscrew all the bolts carefully
  • Remove the field surface

Step 5: Accumulate All The Accessories

Now collect all the parts and accessories, such as nuts, mannequins, rods, screws, bearings, legs, etc., and carefully place them in the box. Never fail to make a tally. You can examine the manual to ensure that all items are correctly accumulated.

You have finally completed the disassembly of the foosball table. Now, transport the table to its final location and reassemble it in the reverse order of its disassembly.

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2 Methods to Move a Foosball Table Without Damage

The table’s measurements, the entrance height, and how long you want to leave the table in a position determine whether or not a movable foosball table will fit through it. A foosball platform can be moved in two ways.

The initial one is a brief distance. Here, the table can be moved without being disassembled. In addition, most foosball tables are between 29 and 36 inches broad, so they should pass through standard 36-inch doorways without difficulty.

The second is for a considerable distance. Despite the large scale of the door, it must be disassembled and moved in this instance. Following the instructions, reassemble them after transporting them.

However, if you have a narrow doorway or intend to leave the table in one position for an extended period, you may opt for a little table.

Now, when it comes to moving the foosball table from one location to another by taking it up as a whole, care must be taken. This is because a standard foosball apparatus weighs approximately 300 pounds. Solicit labor to complete the task.

If you plan on dismantling a table, be sure to double-check each individual component. Once the table has been disassembled, meticulously collect all the parts, including the men, rods, ball, bolts, legs, handles, bearings, tubes, etc.

It would be best if you also reconfigured everything properly after you’ve moved it. The second half of the article will show you how to disassemble a foosball platform.

What Tools Do You Need to Disassemble a Foosball Table?

Dismantling your foosball table is a breeze with just a few simple instruments.

Tools you will need:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench or hex key
  • A flathead screwdriver (optional)

How to Reassemble a Foosball Table?

The Steps to Reassembling a Foosball Table

  1. Begin by attaching the foosball table’s legs. Ensure the legs are evenly spaced apart, and the screw apertures are aligned.
  2. Connect the playing surface to the legs next. Again, ensure that all of the screw openings are aligned before beginning to screw the components together.
  3. After attaching the playing surface, you can begin installing the remaining components, such as the goal posts, handles, and balls.
  4. Ensure that everything is securely fastened before you begin playing.
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Tips For Reassembling a Foosball Table

  1. Get started by arranging the parts in the sequence in which they’ll be used. This will make it clear where things belong and in what sequence they must be completed.
  2. Having a companion to work on this endeavor with can be very useful.
  3. Don’t try to hurry things; take your time. Verifying your work at each stage will ensure that it is completed accurately.
  4. Once everything is where it needs to be, you can begin fastening it together with bolts. Start with the lower half of the body and move upwards.
  5. After all the pieces have been fastened with bolts, the final stage is to check that the table is level. It would help if you presumably modified a few aspects before deciding whether or not it is satisfactory.
  6. Remove any traces of your work and lubricate any movable components when you’re finished.

Why Moving a Foosball Table is Important?

Foosball is a leisure activity that people of all ages enjoy. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. It is essential to be able to move a foosball table because it enables people to enjoy the game in various locations. It also permits players to participate in varying climatic conditions. Moving a foosball table is also essential because it enables players to alter the game’s difficulty.


Ideally, you understand how to move a foosball table from one location to another. This article has compiled all the procedures you need to know before beginning the move.

Strive not to skip any stages in the application. Additionally, the product instructions can be consulted for additional assistance in finishing the task at hand.

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