How to Make a Foosball Table at Home

You enjoy playing foosball a lot but don’t have a foosball table of your own because they’re too costly? Don’t worry you can make a foosball table at home following some easy steps, and it’ll be reasonable too.

Having a foosball table at home is a need. Without having a foosball table at home, your house parties become boring because there’s no other game as foosball that’ll keep your friends entertained.

But because of our tight budget, we skip buying a foosball table sometimes as a good quality foosball table will cost us a fortune if we buy it from the marketplace. That’s why it’ll be smart to take matters into our own hands and make a foosball table by ourselves.

So, let’s find out how we can make a perfect foosball table at home step-by-step.

Step 1: Make a Design of the Table First

Before making anything, we must make a design of it first, or else we’ll get puzzled in the middle of the process. So make a design picture of the foosball table. Finalize the measurements of the table and add any extra design you like to the table.

Fixing the size of the table is necessary as you need to have an idea about how much space the table will take in your game room or basement, or wherever you’re planning to place the table. The ideal size of a foosball table is 2 ½ feet in width and 5 feet in length.

If you’re short in space, then you can make a children-sized foosball table that is 4 feet in length. You can place men 6 inches apart from one another and place the rods 3 1/8 inches up from the table surface. You must drill 1-inch diameter holes and each of the holes should be 5.5 inches apart.

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Make a design following these measurements and start with the foosball table-making procedure.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Cut Them Into the Correct Measurements

If you want to avoid spending money on buying wood for making your foosball table, then you can use any old wooden table and take out the materials from it. The best kinds of wood that you can use to make a foosball table are oak, cherry, or birch.

Make sure the wood boards are stiff and ¾ inches in size. Choosing durable boards to make your foosball table will make the table last a little longer. The handles of the table must be made out of strong wooden boards, or else they’ll get broken in a short time.

Lay the wooden boards that you’ve gathered to make the table and cut them into pieces with a saw. Don’t cut them without any measurements. Cut them into the needed size so that they become perfect for making a foosball table.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Cut the Goals

After cutting the boards to the right size, now it’s time to drill holes to place the rods. You’ll need to drill eight 1-inch diameter holes along the side of the board. There should be another hole in the middle of the board sized 2-inch diameter for the ball to drop through.

It’s necessary to drill the holes 5.5 inches apart from each other. If the space between them is not perfect, then it’ll be a disaster, as you won’t be able to play foosball with the table if the rods are not placed in the right place.

Once you’ve finished drilling the hole on the side of the boards, you can start cutting goals out. To cut goals, you must cut the boards 10.5 inches from each side so that it creates a rectangle that is 5 inches by 2.5 inches in the center of the board.

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Step 4: Playfield and Legs

The playing surface of the foosball table should be 48 inches by 24 inches and on the ends, measure 10 inches from each corner so you get the endpoints for a rectangle that is 4 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. After cutting it out, you’ll have a small rectangle, and the rectangle is where the goals will be on your table.

You can make the legs of the table out of metal, and it’ll be more durable. Or you can choose some strong wood to make the legs of the table and shape them by yourself. Whatever you do, just ensure that the legs are very hard and durable as the whole table will stand on them, and if they’re weak, then your table will break after a short period.

To make a good quality foosball table at home you’ll need to use the best kind of materials or else you’ll fail to make an ideal foosball table.

Step 5: It’s Time to Paint

You have to paint the wood boards before putting them all together. A foosball table without proper coloring will look dull. So it’s necessary to paint the table.

The surface of the table should be in green color. So take some regular water-based white paint and mix it with a pigmented green color. You can also add a little bit of black color to make the green look bold.

Put 3-4 coats of paint on the surface of the table so that the color looks divine. After painting the whole board, you can use some polishers to make the paint shine. You can paint the inside walls of the table with light gray color and all the goal pockets with black color.

Step 6: Put Them All Together

After you’re done with cutting and coloring all the boards and gathering all the needed items, now it’s time to put them all together. It would be best if you start with assembling the sides first. Attach all the cut-out boards together with your drill and screws.

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Follow the design you’ve made to attach all the pieces. Place the players in the correct order and then place the rods into their respective holes. You can put a plastic spacer beside each player to keep them in place.


It’s always a matter of pride to make your own foosball table. Imagine when your friends come over to your house and see the exquisite foosball table that you’ve made and get amazed by your DIY skills. It’ll feel so much better than buying a foosball table from the market.

You may not get the desired result on the first try of making the table but just practice a little and you’ll surely be successful to make a perfect foosball table. By following these easy steps above you’ll be able to make a fine-looking foosball table at home in no time.

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