How to Watch A-League Soccer

It’s already been a month A-League started their new season with the best soccer team in Australia. All the men’s and women’s teams are now competing for one of the major tournaments. Here we will talk about how to watch A-League Live and TV coverage of Australia men’s and women’s League, schedule, and what is A-League.

Men’s tournament started on November 19 and is now their 3rd matchday underway out of 26. And Women’s A-League tournament is still two days away from kick-off.

Melbourne Victory is at the top place in the table. All the teams played two matches, Melbourne Victory won both of them. They are the only team to win two games. Three teams are sharing the second position with one loss and one win.

And Brisbane Roar is in the last position on the table. They are having a rough time cause some of their best players are injured and the tournament just started but with their past performance, all the fans know where Brisbane will go in the upcoming matches.

And guessing the women’s situation is a bit tough now. But as we all know the history and ability of Canberra United, they will most probably dominate the tournament. The first match of the women’s team is Wellington vs Western Sydney.

So, let’s start.

What is A-League Tournament?

A-League is an Australian soccer tournament that is now the most popular soccer event after NSL. By the Football Federation of Australia, the A-League was created in 2004. The first competition took place in 2005. The league is consists of the twelve best teams. Among the twelve teams, 11 are from Australia and one is from New Zealand.

The A-League brings all best of men’s, women’s, and young soccer teams under one roof. This gathering makes the tournament more attractive than any other Australian soccer tournament.

The A-League tournament is also known as the Isuzu Ute A-League for sponsored reasons. The women’s tournament was first created in 2008 and at the time it was known as the W-League. Later, the women’s tournaments were included in A-League. Women’s league are consists of 10 teams and it used to have 8 teams while operating under W-League.

In the men’s division, the current champion is Melbourne City and it was their first trophy. In the men’s division, Sydney FC earns the title for the most time, which is five. And in the women’s sector, the defending champion is Melbourne Victory, which is their second time winning the A-League.

These are the basic elements of A-League. The 2021-22 season will be the 14th edition of the women’s tournament and the 17th edition of the men’s tournament. And for the first time, all three means men’s, women’s, and young soccer teams will raise their flag under one single roof the A-League.

A-League Schedule 2021-22:

Below we provide the schedule for the 2021-22 season.

All times are AEDT

Round 3

Fri Dec 37.45 pmWellington Phoenix vs. Western Sydney WanderersWIN Stadium
Sat Dec 45.05 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Adelaide UnitedMoreton Daily Stadium
Sat Dec 47.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Western UnitedAAMI Park
Sat Dec 47.45 pmSydney FC vs. Newcastle JetsNetstrata Jubilee
Sun Dec 54.05 pmMacarthur FC vs. Central Coast MarinersBlueBet Stadium
Sun Dec 56.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Perth GloryAAMI

Round 4

Wed Dec 87.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Perth GloryAAMI Park
Fri Dec 107.45 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Wellington PhoenixMcDonald Jones Stadium
Sat Dec 115.05 pmWestern United vs. Brisbane RoarGMHBA Stadium
Sat Dec 117.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Melbourne VictoryCoopers Stadium
Sat Dec 117.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Macarthur FCCommBank Stadium
Sun Dec 126.15 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Sydney FCCentral Coast Stadium

Round 5

Fri Dec 177.45 pmWestern United vs. Adelaide UnitedAAMI Park
Sat Dec 185.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Western Sydney WanderersCentral Coast Stadium
Sat Dec 187.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Melbourne VictoryAAMI Park
Sat Dec 187.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Perth GloryMoreton Daily Stadium
Sun Dec 194.05 pmMacarthur FC vs. Newcastle JetsCampbelltown Stadium
Sun Dec 196.45 pmSydney FC vs. Wellington PhoenixNestrata Jubilee

Round 6

Thu Dec 237.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Perth GloryCoopers Stadium
Fri Dec 246.05 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Western Sydney WanderersMcDonald Jones Stadium
Sun Dec 267.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Western UnitedAAMI Park
Sun Dec 267.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Sydney FCCampbelltown Stadium
Mon Dec 274.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Wellington PhoenixCentral Coast Stadium
Mon Dec 276.15 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Melbourne CityMoreton Daily Stadium

Round 7

Fri Dec 317.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Macarthur FCCentral Coast Stadium
Sat Jan 15.05 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Melbourne CityMcDonald Jones Stadium
Sat Jan 17.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Western UnitedCommBank Stadium
Sat Jan 17.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Wellington PhoenixCoopers Stadium
Sun Jan 24.05 pmSydney FC vs. Perth GloryNetstrata Jubilee
Sun Jan 26.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Brisbane RoarAAMI Park

Round 8

Wed Jan 55.25 pmWellington Phoenix vs. Brisbane RoarWIN Stadium
Wed Jan 57.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Perth GloryCampbelltown Stadium
Wed Jan 195.25 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Western UnitedMcDonald Jones
Wed Jan 197.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Central Coast MarinersAAMI Park
Wed Jan 197.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Western Sydney WanderersCoopers Stadium
Wed Jan 267.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Sydney FCAAMI Park

Round 9

Fri Jan 77.45 pmWestern United vs. Sydney FCAAMI Park
Sat Jan 85.05 pmWellington Phoenix vs. Newcastle JetsWIN Stadium
Sat Jan 87.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Adelaide UnitedAAMI Park
Sat Jan 87.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Perth GloryCommBank Stadium
Sun Jan 96.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Central Coast MarinersMoreton Daily Stadium
Sun Jan 96.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Macarthur FCAAMI Park

Round 10

Fri Jan 147.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Western UnitedCampbelltown Stadium
Sat Jan 155.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Newcastle JetsCentral Coast Stadium
Sat Jan 157.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Melbourne CityCoopers Stadium
Sat Jan 157.45 pmSydney FC vs. Brisbane RoarNetstrata Jubilee
Sat Jan 1510.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Wellington PhoenixHBF Park
Sun Jan 166.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Melbourne VictoryCommBank Stadium

Round 11

TBCTBCBrisbane Roar vs. Adelaide UnitedMoreton Daily Stadium
TBCTBCCentral Coast Mariners vs. Melbourne VictoryCentral Coast Stadium
TBCTBCMacarthur FC vs. Western Sydney WanderersCampbelltown Stadium
TBCTBCMelbourne City vs. Sydney FCAAMI Park
TBCTBCPerth Glory vs. Newcastle JetsHBF Park
TBCTBCWestern United vs. Wellington PhoenixAAMI Park

Round 12

Sun Jan 306.45 pm Newcastle Jets vs. Adelaide UnitedMcDonald Jones
Fri Jan 2810.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Macarthur FCHBF Park
Sat Jan 29TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Melbourne VictoryTBC
Sat Jan 297.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Western Sydney WanderersMoreton Daily Stadium
Sat Jan 297.45 pmWestern United vs. Melbourne CityAAMI Park
Sun Jan 304.05 pmSydney FC vs. Central Coast MarinersLeichhardt Oval

Round 13

Fri Feb 47.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Sydney FCCoopers Stadium
Sat Feb 55.05 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Brisbane RoarMcDonald Jones
Sat Feb 57.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Central Coast MarinersCommBank Stadium
Sat Feb 57.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Western UnitedAAMI Park
Sun Feb 6TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Macarthur FCTBC
Sun Feb 66.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Perth GloryAAMI Park

Round 14

Fri Feb 117.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Melbourne CityCommBank Stadium
Sat Feb 12TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Adelaide UnitedTBC
Sat Feb 125.05pmSydney FC vs. Western UnitedNetstrata Jubilee
Sat Feb 127.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Newcastle JetsAAMI Park
Sun Feb 134.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Perth GloryCentral Coast Stadium
Sun Feb 136.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Macarthur FCMoreton Daily Stadium

Round 15

Fri Feb 187.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Newcastle JetsAAMI Park
Fri Feb 1810.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Brisbane RoarHBF Park
Sat Feb 19TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Sydney FCTBC
Sat Feb 197.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Central Coast MarinersAAMI Park
Sat Feb 197.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Adelaide UnitedCampbelltown Stadium
Sun Feb 204.05 pmWestern United vs. Western Sydney WanderersTBC

Round 16

Fri Feb 257.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Melbourne VictoryMoreton Daily Stadium
Sat Feb 265.05 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Macarthur FCMcDonald Jones
Sat Feb 267.45 pmSydney FC vs. Melbourne CityNestrata Jubilee
Sat Feb 267.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Central Coast MarinersCoopers Stadium
Sat Feb 2610.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Western UnitedHBF Park
Sun Feb 276.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Wellington PhoenixCommBank Stadium

Round 17

Fri Mar 47.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Macarthur FCAAMI Park
Sat Mar 53.05 pmWestern United vs. Newcastle JetsMARS Stadium
Sat Mar 55.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Brisbane RoarCentral Coast Stadium
Sat Mar 57.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Sydney FCCommBank Stadium
Sat Mar 510.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Adelaide UnitedHBF Park
Sun Mar 6TBCWellington Phoneix vs. Melbourne CityTBC

Round 18

Fri Mar 117.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Newcastle JetsCoopers Stadium
Sat Mar 125.05 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Wellington PhoenixMoreton Daily Stadium
Sat Mar 125.05 pmSydney FC vs. Western UnitedLeichhardt Oval
Sat Mar 127.45 pmMelbourne City v Melbourne VictoryAAMI Park
Sat Mar 1210.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Central Coast MarinersHBF Park
Sun Mar 134.05 pmMacarthur FC vs. Western Sydney WanderersCampbelltown Stadium

Round 19

Fri Mar 187.45 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Wellington PhoenixMcDonald Jones
Sat Mar 195.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Macarthur FCTBC
Sat Mar 197.45 pmSydney FC vs. Melbourne VictoryNetstrata Jubilee
Sat Mar 197.45 pmWestern United vs. Melbourne CityAAMI Park
Sat Mar 1910.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Brisbane RoarHBF Park
Sun Mar 206.15 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Adelaide UnitedCommBank Stadium

Round 20

Fri Mar 257.45 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Sydney FCMcDonald Jones
Sat Mar 26TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Perth GloryTBC
Sat Mar 265.05 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Western UnitedMoreton Daily Stadium
Sat Mar 267.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Melbourne CityCampbelltown Stadium
Sat Mar 267.45 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Adelaide UnitedCentral Coast Stadium
Sun Mar 277.05 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Western Sydney WanderersAAMI Park

Round 21

Fri Apr 17.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Wellington PhoenixAAMI Park
Sat Apr 24.05 pmWestern United vs. Central Coast MarinersMARS Stadium
Sat Apr 27.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Melbourne VictoryCoopers Stadium
Sat Apr 27.45 pmSydney FC vs. Macarthur FCNetstrata Jubilee
Sat Apr 210.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Western Sydney WanderersHBF Park
Sun Apr 34.05 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Newcastle JetsMoreton Daily Stadium

Round 22

Wed Apr 67.45 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Melbourne CityCentral Coast Stadium
Wed Apr 67.45 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Wellington PhoenixMoreton Daily Stadium
Wed Apr 610.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Melbourne VictoryHBF Park
Tue Apr 197.15 pmSydney FC vs. Adelaide UnitedNetstrata Jubilee
Tue Apr 195.05 pmWestern United vs. Macarthur FCUTAS Stadium
Wed Apr 207.45 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Newcastle JetsCommBank Stadium

Round 23

Fri Apr 87.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Macarthur FCCoopers Stadium
Sat Apr 9TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Western UnitedTBC
Sat Apr 95.05 pmWestern Sydney Wanderers vs. Brisbane RoarCommBank Stadium
Sat Apr 97.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Melbourne CityAAMI Park
Sat Apr 97.45 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Sydney FCCentral Coast Stadium
Sun Apr 106.15 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Perth GloryMcDonald Jones

Round 24

Wed Jan 57.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Adelaide UnitedAAMI Park
Fri Apr 157.45 pmMacarthur FC vs. Brisbane RoarCampbelltown Stadium
Sat Apr 16TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Central Coast MarinersTBC
Sat Apr 165.05 pmWestern United vs. Perth GloryUTAS Stadium
Sat Apr 167.45 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Melbourne VictoryMcDonald Jones

Round 25

Tue Feb 2210.05 pmPerth Glory vs. Melbourne CityHBF Park
Sat Apr 235.05 pmMacarthur FC vs. Melbourne VictoryCampbelltown Stadium
Sat Apr 237.45 pmNewcastle Jets vs. Central Coast MarinersMcDonald Jones
Sat Apr 237.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Western UnitedCoopers Stadium
Sun Apr 24TBCWellington Phoenix vs. Western Sydney WanderersTBC
Mon Apr 252.05 pmBrisbane Roar vs. Sydney FCMoreton Daily Stadium

Round 26

Wed Dec 227.45 pmMelbourne City vs. Western Sydney WanderersAAMI Park
Fri Apr 297.45 pmMelbourne Victory vs. Wellington PhoenixAAMI Park
Sat Apr 305.05 pmCentral Coast Mariners vs. Western UnitedCentral Coast Stadium
Sat Apr 307.45 pmAdelaide United vs. Brisbane RoarCoopers Stadium
Sat Apr 307.45 pmPerth Glory vs. Sydney FCHBF Park
Sun May 14.05 pmMacarthur FC vs. Newcastle JetsCampbelltown Stadium

How to watch A-League Soccer Tournament:

A-League matches are now the most exciting ongoing soccer game. All the fans are looking at the schedule and waiting in front of the TV when the match will start. But for those who don’t know where to watch the A-League Live, this chapter is for them.

We will talk about the two most popular methods to watch A-League Live. The first one is very popular and is in the broadcasting market for centuries. The traditional or the TV coverage watching. And after that, we will discuss live streaming or online modern watching method.

The A-League Live tournament used to be broadcast by Fox Sports for a long time. They were the main broadcasting media in both online and TV coverage. But now fox sports doesn’t have the broadcasting right anymore.

How to Live Stream:

  • Australia: Paramount+
  • New Zealand: Sky Sports
  • UK: BT Sports

In Australia, Paramount+ will live stream all the matches of A-League. It’s one of the most popular sites all over the world for streaming sports. Paramount+ is a broadcasting site owned by CBS. Though CBS reduced their operation on TV broadcasting, they literary own the internet sports media. Besides sports, they also have broadcast many popular series on their sites.

You just need to find the match on schedule and then you can broadcast the match with Paramount+.

In New Zealand, Sky Sports is playing the part of telecasting the tournament. All the soccer fans from NZ can enjoy the match with the Sky Sports channel. Everyone is familiar with the concept of Sky Sports Go so we don’t need to talk much about it.

One of the very popular live streaming media in the UK is BT Sport. They covered the whole EU sports live stream. So, if you are from the UK then you can use the BT Sport server to watch all A-League Live matches.

If you have a BT Broadband line then BT Sport will cost 10 pounds a month. And without the BT Broadband line, the cost is 24.95 pounds per month.

How to Watch TV Coverage of A-League:

  • Australia: Network 10
  • New Zealand: Prime

In Australia, Network 10 telecasts all the A-League Live matches. It’s free to air TV channel. You can watch the matches for free with Network 10. They sometimes replay the old final games too. To watch A-League Live without any problems, Network 10 is the best channel.

And in New Zealand, they have Prime TV. The Prime TV channel is a New Zealand based sports channel. They are the most-watched and popular sports channel in New Zealand. All the A-League Soccer Live matches will be shown on the Prime channel.

Final Thought about A-League:

From November 2021 to March 2022, the A-League tournament will go on. Above we provide all the information you need to know to watch the A-League soccer matches. If anything else you wanna know then let us know in the comment section. And in the future, we also share information on individual matches. So, be with us, stay safe and enjoy soccer.


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