Arling Holland, the Norwegian footballer from Borussia Dortmund, is like a goal machine. Although the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Killian Mbappe are enviable, Holland has surpassed them in the Champions League. And that’s why Barcelona expressed their interest in bringing him home in the next transfer season. Real Madrid also showed interest in him.

In the league or in the Champions League, Barcelona is not able to take advantage of any place under Xavi. Asked about Holland at the press conference, the Barca coach said: “We have to be realistic and think that increasing the size of the team is not an easy task. The club has a problem with the salary. However, what will happen in the future will be seen. I don’t know anything about Holland yet. But everyone can be optimistic about him.”

Meanwhile, according to, Hans Joachim Watz has said that Real Madrid is interested in buying Holland in January’s transfer. “Maybe 25 other clubs want to buy him, but I can tell you about Real Madrid.”

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund’s sports director Michael Jork poured water on the rumors of a change of team’s best star. Marker was quoted as saying that Hollande was not going anywhere. He is staying with us here. “Of course he’ll stay with us,” said Michael Jork. “Yet we will talk more with him. Financial matters will also be taken into consideration. Note that Holland has an agreement with Borussia until 2024.

Ronaldo is the highest scorer of the Champions League with 141 goals, Messi’s 125 goals. Mbappe, the new sensation of European football, has also scored 31 goals in 52 matches. Holland is one place ahead of these three on the European stage. The 21-year-old has scored more goals than the match.

Arling Holland has scored 26 goals in 25 Champions League matches. Ronaldo, Messi, and Mbappe are far from such statistics, whether there is any other footballer can be the subject of research! He played in the same group with strong teams like Liverpool and Napoli while playing for Red Bull Salzburg in the 2019-20 Champions League. Holland scored eight goals in six matches.

Not only in the Champions League but also in the domestic league’s Holland is like a goal machine. He has played 64 matches for Borussia Jersey so far, scoring six goals. Before that, Red Bull had scored 29 goals in 26 matches for Salzburg. He scored 12 goals in 15 matches for the national team Norway. Let’s see who wins the race of taking him in their team.


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