Jair Bolsonaro with Brazil Football Team
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Football is the most popular sport in the world. Argentina vs Brazil match in Copa America final means argument, debate, strategy, tension over the result.

The Brazil-Argentina clash means a fight to bring water to the mouth. In such a match, many people lost control of saying words.

Be the team of choice many people say many extravagant things. However, if the general supporters say something like that, it can be blown away. But if the President of Brazil himself said the word in the full assembly!

And if that is the case, Brazil will lose 5-0 to Argentina in the Copa America final, not one or two goals!

What has been said?

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sat in an online meeting with key leaders of the South American continent. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez was also there in that meeting.

“Saturday will be the only (Brazil-Argentina final) doubles match in Maracan,” Bolsonaro said. According to my, I think Brazil will win in 5-0 goal.’ Balsonaro also showed five fingers while saying the word. Alberto Fernandez smiles at the words of the President of Brazil.

When the country’s top leader has said, it can no longer be ignored. Neymar Jr. did not even try. He is reluctant to make any concessions to win even if he admits his friendship with Messi. Instead, he said that he would be happier to win the title by losing his friend. He called on his teammates to play with their best to add to the Albesileste’s 26-year-old grief.

Lionel Messi’s Argentina reached the final of the 2014 World Cup. Despite fighting hard, they lost to Germany in that final and their dreams were shattered. Argentina then played two consecutive Copa America finals. But every time Chile becomes their boss. Messi has lost to Chile twice. This time one more final. Neymar’s Brazil will play against Lionel Messi in this year’s Copa America.

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Argentina will face Brazil in the Copa America final on Sunday at 6 am according to Bangladesh time. Lionel Messi and Neymar, two of the best stars of the time, will face the turning point in the battle between the two superpowers of South America. Peru lost to Brazil in the semi-final and so Brazil advanced to the final. In the other semi-final, Colombia lost to Argentina in a tiebreaker and Argentina secured to face their arch-rivals in the final.

As Brazilian star Richardson thinks, this is normal and they will not rebate a least to Argentina on the field, ‘We can handle it. These are not just words. There will be an impression of words in the field of the game. As Messi is Argentina’s best star, Brazil will naturally come on the field with a plan to stop him.

“I play on the edge where Messi plays, we’ve faced him in a lot of matches before,” said Brazilian defensive midfielder Casimiro. But I can’t hold anyone alone. This requires the help of teammates. And no one stops just one player on the field. A team plays with 11 people, defends with 11 people, and attacks with 11 people.’

Brazil vs Argentina: Head to Head

Brazil beat Argentina in 2-0 goals in the final of the 2019 Copa America. Neymar did not play in the tournament due to injury. The war of words between the two eternal rivals is nothing new.

Copa America: Argentina and Brazil in the final of a major tournament after 14 years. Brazil and Argentina last met in the Copa America final in 2006 where Brazil won 3-0 goal.

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Brazil also beat Argentina 2-0 in the 2019 Copa America semifinals. Argentina is ahead in the Copa America in the competition between 2 World Cup-winning Argentina and 5 World Cup-winning Brazil.

So far, Argentina has won the top title in South America 14 times, while Brazil has won 9 times.

However, Brazil and Argentina have met 107 times in tournaments or competitive matches, where Brazil has won 48 times, Argentina has won 34 matches.25 matches have been drawn.

These two neighboring countries have historically been eternal rivals in football.


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