Chelsea Manager Thomas Tuchel
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“Chelsea is not at their top level but still tough to beat” Chelsea’s manager Thomas Tuchel revealed his thoughts on team Chelsea.

Chelsea has always been one of the top teams in all-league tournaments. In the recent group stage match of the UCL contest, Chelsea showing amazing performance as well. But is there something more than Chelsea is able to do? Well, fans always hope for the best of the best. But what their manager thinks about it?

On Thomas Tuchel’s recent commentary, fans are guessing Chelsea boys have more to offer. The team isn’t at their best yet. They are overcoming the pandemic and preseason events. Chelsea is currently in rank in number two with 10 points, along with Manchester United, Liverpool, and Everton.

They showed wonderful performance in their last four matches. Winning over Arsenal was a huge victory. If they could beat Liverpool too, that would be a historical tale. But after the match, we could say that the draw was a win for Chelsea. Cause Liverpool, were good in every aspect, Chelsea just got lucky.

And in their next match against Aston Villa, Chelsea showed who they are. Indeed, Aston villa didn’t make any mistake yet they lost to Chelsea by 0-3 goals.

Next is Chelsea will face Tottenham on Sunday. At that match conference, the German management said, “I’m not saying we’re not playing well, we can play better but we are tough to beat. A win helps with atmosphere – keep calm and also be open to criticism. At the moment, I feel everybody is aware that we can do better.”

Thomas Tuchel also said, “For me at the moment, it’s more important that we are competitive, we play relentless and have the belief to overcome difficult minutes and periods within games… Competition is high. It’s a good thing that we are able to win.”

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When we asked about team conditions and how players are doing, Thomas Tuchel replayed, “I didn’t expect us to be at our top-level early in September, especially after this pre-season and Covid,”

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Chelsea will face Tottenham on Sunday:

Chelsea is now taking preparation for their upcoming match against Tottenham. The match kicks off on September 19, Sunday at 11.30 ET. The match will take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. In the match, Chelsea will have to stop Harry Kane. Kane hasn’t soccered any goals so he is looking forward earn points. On the other hand, Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku already added points to his list.

About these two, Tuchle said, “They score decisive goals and love to score, always score no matter what the competition is. That’s the similarity but apart from this, they are very different players. If Kane plays, we have to focus on how to defend him.”

Tottenham is now on rank 7. They lost their very first match against Pacos Ferreira by 0-1 goals. But they overcome the day and proved themselves worthy in the later matches. Critics are hoping that Tottenham has a good chance to win over Chelsea.


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