Cristiano Ronaldo’s new contract with Manchester United has been confirmed

Ronaldo New Contract With Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the best player of this era, probably he is the best player of all generations. This Portugal giant is very expert at making history. And once again he creates an example that only a few could do, by returning to the city once he called home, once where he grew up, from where he became the start of today’s football. Here ins this article, we will going to provides detailed news about Ronaldo’s new contract with Manchester United. His 2 years contract is worth 20 million pounds.

The last Thursday, Ronaldo said he don’t wanna play for Juventus anymore. The news leaves everyone in shock. And it’s rapidly gone viral. Speculation has been going on since that night.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Contract With Manchester United:

On Friday, the president of the Italian club confined that, Ronaldo has no intention to play for Juventus anymore. Fans won’t see him anymore wearing the Juventus jersey.

So, who will have Ronaldo now? The truth is only one club can hold this legend now and it’s Manchester United. And Ronaldo also expressed that he wanna play for the club once he grew up.

And after the negotiations, Manchester United finally confirmed that Ronaldo is on his way to joining the club. The Portugal striker made a two years contract with Man Utd this time. The deal is worth 20 million pounds.

About Ronaldo’s coming back to MANU, every footballer lovers are very excited as well as the coach of Manchester United. On this matter, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said, “I didn’t think Ronaldo was going to turn out leaving Juventus and if it’s been speculation this morning, speculation the last few days, of course.”

He also added, “We’ve always had good communication, I know Bruno [Fernandes] has been talking to him as well and he knows what we feel about him and if he was ever going to move away from Juventus, he knows that we are here.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s history with Manchester City:

Ronaldo is the world’s most famous footballer and the best of all time. People could always debate about that, deep down we all know nobody could perform in the field like the way Ronaldo does.

He won Ballon d’Or five times, has achieved more than 30 major trophies including UEFA Champions League titles, four FIFA Club World Cups, seven league titles in England, Spain, and Italy. Moreover that, Ronaldo has earned huge love from all around the world which worth can’t be count by trophies.

He first joins in the English club in 2003 at the age of 18. He builds up his career from there, trained himself to become a legend. Ronaldo played for Manchester United for six seasons from 2003-2009. And then in 2009, he went to Madrid for 110 million dollars, for then it was a world-record fee. In 2018, Ronaldo finished his job in Madrid and join Juventus. And the boy is once again coming back to his first home, Manchester United.

Juventus players, coach, president everyone takes that decision very calmly. They have no objection towards Ronaldo. Allegri said, “Things change, it’s a law of life. Juventus remains, which is the most important thing. He gave his contribution, he made himself available, now he leaves and life goes on. Cristiano is to be thanked for what he has done, also as an example amongst the youngsters. But as I said, we must go on.”

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