Cristiano Ronaldo New Record
Photo: Guinness World Records

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most skilled footballer and probably the best player of all time. From the begging of his career, he shows excellent work. And then day by day Rolando became more expert than ever.

At this moment, no player can challenge him, he made himself a God, a machine of football. The boss of football made a new record and once again put his name in the book of football history.

Cristiano Ronaldo made his new record as the most international men’s goal on September 1. This was a world cup qualifying match against Ireland. In the whole match, Portugal was trying hard to win the game. But Ireland was didn’t give the Portuguese a single chance to place the ball into the goal bar.

Ronaldo once misses a penalty shot too in the match. The missing shot was really a heartbreaking moment for all the players. Just before the penalty shot while Ronaldo was placing the ball, another amusing thing happen. Ronaldo slaps an Ireland player cause he moves the ball from its point.

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Anyway, let’s head back to our business. The match was about to end. The clock is running out of time. Just one more minute left in the hand. Ireland is ahead by one goal. It’s 89 minutes in the watch. And then boom, Cristiano Ronaldo unleash his power and made a goal for Portugal. And in the overtime, Ronaldo made another goal. These two goals against Ireland rewrite the men’s international goals history for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s current total goal is triple 1(111). It was 109 before the match, where Ronaldo was sharing first place with Ali Daei. Daei was an Iranian footballer. He was holding that position since 2006. Daei’s career took place between 1993 and 2006.

After the match, when Rolando was asked how he feels about it, he said, “I’m so happy, not only because I beat the record, but for the special moment that we had. Two goals at the end of the game. I have to appreciate what the team did, we believed until the end. I’m so glad.”

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Christiano Rolando’s other activities and the road to scored most goals in all international sectors:

Ronaldo first started his journey with Portugal. In 2003, he joined Manchester United and that’s the place where he became what he is today. Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of MANU, back then described Ronaldo as, “one of the most exciting young players I’d ever seen”.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has also the record for most goals in the championship league, which is 134. In the second position Lionel Messi holding 120 goals besides his name.

In all sectors, men’s and women’s international football match, most goal record is holding by the Christine Sinclair. Sinclair is a Canadian player. Her total goal for the international match is 187. Ronaldo needs 87 goals to win that position. But to be honest, it won’t be an easy job for the CR7.


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