Eden Hazard Wife

Natacha Van Honacker is mostly known for being the wife of the famous Real Madrid player Eden Hazard. Natacha is a very private person. She is not the usual football wife trying to be the center of the spotlight.

Who is Eden Hazard’s Wife?

  • Eden Hazard’s wife’s name is Natacha Van Honacker.

The Belgian star footballer was married in 2012. She is a loving, caring, and supportive lady. She is a housewife who rarely comes in front of the camera. Eden Hazard loves and respects his wife.

He often brings flowers for his wife, who cooks his favorite foods. His wife likes to remain at home and cooking. The couple first met when Hazard was 14, and he began professional football those days.

He joined Chelsea FC after getting married in 2012. According to some news, his transfer to Real Madrid from Chelsea was his wife’s wish, which made him agree to join Real Madrid.

Natacha Van Honacker

Who is Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard is a well-known Belgian professional soccer player who plays for the Belgian national football team and the popular Spanish football club Real Madrid FC. He plays as a winger and is considered one of the best forward players of the era. Hazard is also one of the most handsome soccer players in the world.

Hazard joined Real Madrid in the 2019-20 season and left Premier League football club Chelsea FC. He is from a sporting family, having brothers and a father who is a professional athlete. This transfer was not a good deal for him because of his regular injuries and absence from the field.

His brothers are also professional footballers who represent different clubs. Eden Hazard’s wife is Natacha Van Honacker, later known as Natacha Hazard. Hazard’s net worth was boosted after his transfer to Real Madrid. He is now one of the ten richest football players.

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Eden Hazard was raised in a Muslim-Christian family. Later, he became a devoted Muslim.

Eden Hazard was raised in a Muslim

Eden Hazard and Natacha Van Honacker’s Children

Eden Hazard Children

Eden Hazard and Natacha Van Honacker are parents of three beautiful kids Samy Hazard, Leo Hazard, and Yannis Hazard. The elder one is Yannis Hazard, born in 2010, and Leo and Samy Hazard, born in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The parents are very kind and loving to their children. Children have come to see the match many times with their fathers.

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