Only a night to go, then the biggest honorable trophy of football will select the next owner. As like every year, this year Ballon d’Or is ready to go underway. We will get our 2021 Ballon d’Or winner tomorrow.

This year the event is much more exciting and ostentatious. Cause last year Covid-19 pandemic situation didn’t allow the organizer to host Ballon d’Or.

This year a rumor has already is spread that Messi has won the cup and the news got leaked. The whole internet is now dancing with that Messi winning song. But later we got the confirmation that nothing like this is true. It was just a false rumor. Even if Messi got the Ballon d’Or for the seventh time, there is no way to know for sure before tomorrow. And as we are seeing for the last couple of years how Messi and Ronaldo dominated the Ballon d’Or. It becomes kinda their personal assets. But things don’t stay the same for long. Time change and with time pen and ink start to write a new history.

And this time a new tale is most likely to start with the name of Polish star Lewandowski. His name coming up on the board more than Messi and Ronaldo. Lewandowski’s performance is truly outgrown all the player’s abilities. He has the best chance to win the trophy.

But last year Lewandowski had more chance to win the Ballon d’Or. In the last season of Bundesliga, Lewandowski scored 41 goals in 29 games. In the new season, his performance is very good too. In 20 matches, Lewandowski already scored 25 goals. His team and especially his coach Julian Nagelsmann is very satisfied with this 33-year-old footballer.

The last twelve Balon d’Or except for one, Messi and Ronaldo divided the cup between themselves. Messi won 6 and Ronaldo 5. In 2018 only on Ballon d’Or slipped away from the hand of these two. That year Luka Modric helped Real Madrid to play at the Champions League final and Croatia to play in the world cup final.

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Lewandowski has a very strong possibility to win this year Ballon d’Or but between him and Messi, there will be a heavy fight. Before joining the PSG, Messi did 30 goals with his previous club Barca in last season. Plus, the boss won the Copa America as the captain of Argentina against Brazil. This will surely affect a lot on this Ballon d’Or. With this cup, Messi helped Argentina to win an international trophy after 28 years. In an interview, Messi says that it’s his biggest achievement in his career to win something for his country. They had to wait a lot to see this trophy.

On the other hand, Ronaldo is far behind in the race of 2021 Ballon d’Or. He last won his Ballon d’Or cup in 2017. After returning to Manchester United, Ronaldo at first did some great job but in the last couple of matches, he wasn’t at his best. He expressed his desire that he wanted to win more Ballon d’Or than Messi and then he will go to retirement.


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