A preview of the 2022 World Cup

It is just 150 days until the 2022 World Cup. Now that the 32 qualifying countries have been established, fans all over the globe can view their respective groups and make predictions. The betting odds for each team were also released, confirming who the underdogs and who the favorites are.

Only four years are allowed for the biggest sporting event on the globe, and anticipation is growing. The tournament is normally underway, and fans are eager for it to start.

Group A

The Netherlands (-255)

After missing the 2018 Russia World Cup, the Oranges will be back in this tournament. This European powerhouse has a new roster that includes some of the most talented young and experienced talent in the world, who will be sure to make an impact once more on the biggest stage.

Senegal (+450)

Sadio Mane is the newest member of Bayern Munic. He beat his former teammate Mo Salah’s Egypt at the AFCON Cup of Nations in order to qualify for the world cup. This is a pleasing result, especially considering the presence of Qatar and Ecuador who are both experienced.

Ecuador (+600)

Although the South American nation is one of the most experienced in world cup, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a formidable force to be reckoned. The Ecuadorians, led by Juan Cuadrado will be determined to beat all odds and get through to the next round.

Qatar (+1400)

It is a difficult road for the host nation to progress, especially in their first appearance at the world cup. The team hopes to replicate Russia’s 2018 World Cup performance and shock the world with the support of their home crowd.

Group A

England (300)

The favorites, coming off a disappointing Nations League performance, will need to find some form of support going into November. The Three Lions should be able to advance with a favorable Group A.

USA (+550).

After a seven year absence, the USA returns to the international stage looking to shake up the tournament. The “Golden Generation”, a unique opportunity to play England twice, is available in this exciting affair.

Wales (+600)

Gareth Bale, the new LAFC player, qualified for the World Cup after defeating Ukraine 1-0. This will be their first appearance at the World Cup since 1958. The Welsh will be proud to represent their country and will be a problem for every team they play.

Iran (+1600).

Iran is a team that works hard and fights for their rights. There are not many things to be said about them.

Group C

Argentina (-250).

Argentina will try to win Lionel Messi’s first World Cup. This may be his last appearance. They should be able to overcome their obstacles with motivation and a wealth of talent.

Poland (+450).

Robert Lewandowski, the Poles and Argentina will be competing for the spot in the next round. This group should prove to be interesting, with a small difference in odds between Poland and Mexico.

Mexico (+500)

Mexico, an out-of-form and aged country, lost three times to the United States last year. A crisis is also emerging internally. The Eagles must show the world they are still a contender.

Saudi Arabia (+2000)

Saudi Arabia, like Iran, is not to be discussed as they are non-factors in the more experienced groups.

Group D

France (-255)

The 2018 winners will be looking to do it again with more talent than ever before. The French must find the right balance between good and bad form. However, there isn’t much to worry about.

Denmark (+300)

They should be able to overcome the challenges of this tournament’s weaker group with a consistent team led by Kasper Schmeichel.

Australia (+1400).

This group is not for the elderly Aussies.

Tunisia (+1440)

Like Australia, Tunisia is not likely to win.

Group E

Spain (-120).

The Spaniards and Germans are tied for first place, but Spain’s recent success gives them a slight edge.

Germany (+120).

Die Mannschaft enters this cup looking for redemption after being knocked out in the group stage of 2018. They should be refreshed and more experienced than they were in 2018.

Japan (+1000

The Japanese, led by Takumi Minimino, will have a tough time but will fight to ruin Germany’s dreams.

Costa Rica (+3300)

Keylor Navas’s squad is the last to qualify. They have little chance of challenging.

Group F

Belgium (-190)

De Bruyne will lead the squad through one of the most difficult groups. It will not be easy for arguably the greatest midfielder in the game.

Croatia (+250).

Luka Modric, the second-placed team in 2018, will lead his team to the final. However, he will need to battle the more energetic and younger squads.

Morocco (+1000)

The solid team of Achraf Hakimi & Hakim Ziyech will be looking to take down the giants and advance to the next round.

Canada (+1200)

Canada will return to the World Cup for the first time since 1986, with a host of talented players from Johnathan David to Alphonso Davies. With their energy and speed, the young Canadians could overwhelm older teams.

Group G

Brazil (-225)

Although the Brazilian team is stacked should easily qualify on talent alone, the Swiss could be a potential threat to the giants.

Switzerland (+450)

While the tiny country will be determined to make it through the group stage, they will face serious competition from Serbia for the second place.

Serbia (+550)

Serbia is a dark horse team that can compete against anyone once they get their speed. They will fly under radar and attempt to surprise other teams to earn a berth for the next round.

Cameroon (+1200)

An nation once rife with legends like Samuel Eto’o or Luis Milla has now little chance of even competing on the global stage.

Group H

Portugal (-150).

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team made it through qualification despite having a difficult time. They now look to prove their skills in what could be the final world cup for Ronaldo.

Uruguay (+200).

Nunez, a new Liverpool striker, will be looking to make his mark by leading the light blues to knockout stage. He will also try to win Luis Suarez his first ever world cup.

South Korea (+1100).

Germany’s spoiler from last time will be back. The Koreans are not to be taken lightly, as they were led by a son in his prime.

Ghana (+1100)

While Ghana is at the same odds with South Korea, it’s difficult to imagine them on the same level based their AFCON performance. They were knocked out first-timers Comoros.

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