The 8 Best Apps for following the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is here, and everyone around the globe will be watching this fantastic match. For football fans worldwide, there’s nothing more exciting and thrilling than watching their favorite players playing.

The tournament is scheduled to begin on November 21, 2022. The last game is expected to take place on December 18, 2022. This data is also in sync with Qatar National Day.
Let us share the best mobile apps to make it easier for you to enjoy this FIFA World Cup 2022 experience.

For those who might not be awake and ready to watch the sporting events, Here are 8 of the best apps for following the FIFA World Cup and staying up to date with the action.

Is there an official FIFA World Cup app?

Yes, FIFA has developed an app for players to provide tracking information to every player participating in 2022’s World Cup in Qatar in the coming months.

Eight best apps for following FIFA World Cup

1. Official FIFA App

This should be your first choice because there is an official name tag. This application has numerous features, including an old-fashioned image gallery that recreates the action in stunning images.

Available on Android or iOS platforms, It lists every detail in depth, including the team’s composition, the schedule of matches, a professional minute-by-minute update of the real action, and one of the top libraries of videos to amaze you.

2. FIFA+

In March 2022, FIFA introduced an online streaming platform called FIFA+. The app will stream every FIFA event, including closing and opening ceremonies, matches, and FIFA films. With the FIFA+ app, fans can view never-before-witnessed footage from teams on their training grounds, in their dressing rooms, and sometimes during recovery workouts.

Highlights of each World Cup game right up to the opening World Cup, alongside special commentaries of these games, are available in the app. To relax, discuss and work, you can watch games from the 2022’s World Cup (they will not be streamed live on this app) to watch or select specific points to study.

3. Forza Football

Forza Football is one of the most well-known and best apps for following the FIFA world cup on Android and iOS devices. It provides real-time updates and notifications according to the teams you choose. The app lets you select specific leagues and groups to get information about them and keep track of their performance.

The app also features polls and a discussion forum online for user feedback. You can also cast your vote for your preferred team by evaluating how well the coach, manager, or chairman works.

Alongside having a live-score application that is loved and adored worldwide, Forza Football is simultaneously seeking to collect the opinions of football fans from around the world and then spread them. Forza Football has all the features required for a football app and much more.


This app will offer many great features, as you would expect from ESPN. The app also features highlights and analysis. It also has a Twitter integration that allows you to see the reactions and reports of journalists. You can enjoy the best seats away from the stadium and a fountain full of World Cup knowledge.

Because it’s FIFA World Cup Time, ESPN has a section dedicated to the FIFA game. The most recent information and game schedules are available here. You can also read articles by ESPN writers about the game.

5. OneFootball

Onefootball is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a light version. This app is easy to use and gives you all the necessary information.

OneFootball allows you to view and purchase live football matches from within the app. Sometimes, a game or competition is only available in certain areas and languages. The OneFootball App for smartphones and tablets allows fans to access live matches and highlight videos free of charge (iOS/Android).

Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and the OneFootball App on smartphones and tablets allow fans to access live matches and highlights for free.

6. SofaScore

This app supports live updates and is multi-sport. After you’ve selected your preferences, you will get second-to-second details about what’s happening in your chosen sport, league, or match.

You can customize the app to suit your needs and even change your preferences after the World Cup ends. It is clear, logical, and helpful.

You can take the fantasy football and sports quiz to learn more. Get to know millions of Sofascore users and discover why this app is the best.

7. BBC Sport

This app is available for Android and iOS from the well-known British broadcaster. It offers match highlights, scores, fixtures, and other helpful information. You can rely on the BBC app to keep you safe from the beginning match through to the end.

The app, true to its unique style, contains helpful information about each game. It also contains interesting background information that enhances the excitement of soccer. You will be riveted by the in-depth analysis that will give you great insight into each game. This app also offers podcasts, a big plus compared to other apps.

8. Vizoal

Vizoal, one of the lesser-known apps, is the best app for following the FIFA world cup great app and any football fan. It has a straightforward UI and is free.

Vizoal provides match information, live scores, statistics, video highlights, lineups, and player profiles from the most famous European football competitions and the forthcoming World Cup.

Vizoal helps football fans keep up to date with the elite competitions in Europe and the World stages. It also strives for better football-watching experiences by connecting football fans around the globe.

Vizoal displays a video of each goal in a match and other stats and notifications. It doesn’t require any permission to work. However, the app is only available for Android.

What do you need To Know About FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

This year’s Qatar World Cup 2022 is one of the most significant sporting events around the globe, and this year it will be the largest ever in the history of the sport.

The world is filled with football lovers eagerly anticipating the month of November. This includes those who are the hardcore of all ages, have been watching soccer since they could speak, and are passionate about football.

However, some football enthusiasts are recently getting into the business. They may need to be acquainted with the event.

Final verdict

You must be relaxed when you vacation, especially when a massive tournament occurs. You need to know your needs to enjoy travel and the event. You can use one of the Google Play Store apps or create your own.

You can subscribe to live updates and news about FIFA World Cup 2022. These apps are the best for following the FIFA world cup and will allow you to stay connected with FIFA World Cup 2022 every minute.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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