The 10 Best Websites to See the FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Score

FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sports event, is currently underway in Qatar. None of us want to miss a single minute of the world cup matches.

However, an emergency or anything could arise, and we may have to walk out from watching the world cup. In that situation, the best solution to keep getting updates on matches is seeing live scores.

Here are the best websites to see the FIFA world cup live score.

1. Live Score TV

If you search on google for the Fifa world cup 2022 live score, then your windows will show the Live Score TV website at the very top. They are one of the most beautifully designed websites that record and provide the world cup live score.

On that website, you can watch the full schedule and time of the world cup matches. They provide guidelines, too, on how to stream the world cup.

Note that the site doesn’t stream any world cup matches.

2. Live Sports TV

Live Sports TV is one of the most popular sports-based international sites. They have their broadcasting network. With access to Live Sports TV,  you can keep an eye on Qatar World Cup live scores through TV,  mobile, computer, and other devices.

On that site, you can watch other sports live scores, including football, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Formula 1, etc.

The site mainly focuses on TV watch and live streaming. So, from here, you can watch the world cup matches too.

3. Score 24

With Score 24 sites, you can watch live scores of 60+ sports, including football. The site provides information on upcoming matches and tournaments. You can see football live scores, results, team standing, etc. other. The site also published halftime results, red cards, and, most importantly, goal alerts.

Soccer 24 is famous for another reason too. They have so many best football experts to work for them. These guys make the best prediction about matches. Many other websites and TV channels use the Score 24 prediction result.


Well, what site could provide FIFA World Cup live score better than FIFA’s official website? Just pay your visit to, and you will have everything on your desk related to the world cup.

Through the site, you can follow world cup live scores, buy tickets for matches, learn all the history of football, etc.

The most useful thing about that site is you will get to read the most updated news here. 


Flashcore operates quite similarly to Score 24. Unlike Score 24, its main focus is on football. Cause of its vast research and work on football, fans often call the site storehouse of football.

You will have all the latest news about the world cup on Flashcore. You can see the live score, full schedule, upcoming matches, results, standings, and pretty much everything about the football world cup 2022 on Flashcore.

The site also provides live scores and keeps records of all other football tournaments like the Premier League, Laliga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Uefa Champions League.

6. Fox Sports

Well, choosing Fox Sports for the world cup live scores would be a very wise decision. I haven’t seen any well-organized scoreboard better than Fox Sports.

From Fox Sports, you will able to collect all the information about the running games. Through the site, you will know the odds of the FIFA World Cup 2022. And we all know how hot are the Fox Sports betting market.

Besides FIFA, we can also follow live scores of NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB, and other sports.

7. 365 Scores

365 Scores has been serving football fans for the past 10 years. And not for a single day, they lose their popularity among visitors. Do you know what the secret is behind their success? It’s their score-providing method.

The easiest way to follow world cup live scores is through 365 Scores. Their scheduling of the match, showing results, time, date, and team standings are so goddamn good and feel comfy in the eyes. You can find everything very easily here and won’t get caught in the hand of confusion seeing too many features and sponsored ads.

There is an option available on the site that you can follow one or more teams to get every update news of the selected team right away. You will get notifications if any news is related to the selected team. This is undoubtedly a very cool feature and very useful for fans.

8. Sofa Score

Sofa score is one of the best of the best site to see live scores of the FIFA World Cup. Even though having features, the site is quite underrated.

On Sofa Score, you can easily follow live scores, plus you will also see the previous history of the teams, where and how to watch the match, time, date, odds, team conditions, and a few other things.

9. could be your option to see FIFA’s live score. The site created value among the fans by providing raw information. On that site, you will get so much valuable information.

Before every match, the site published an article on that and explored everything. This could be very helpful if you are planning to bet.

Another thing is, here you will see live commentary too. Getting commentary from experts and seeing live scoring will make you forget that you are not watching the match on TV.


Our last suggestion for watching world cup live scores is is a site where the hearts of football lies. All the world’s best critics and football experts follow the site. Here you will find such explanations of games that aren’t available anywhere else.

From the site, you will get all the football news. Visitors can also write their thoughts here. And the most amazing thing is that if your writing skill is good, you may get hired as a sports author.

My suggestion, you choose that site or not for watching live scores; you must check this out.


In the above, we have mentioned all the best websites to see the FIFA world cup live score. Besides all these sites, you will find live scores on social media, YouTube, and betting apps. That’s all for today, happy watching.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports.