FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina Captain Lionel Messi  Wins Golden Ball

FIFA World Cup has closed its thrilling appearances with the breathtaking final match today. Well! Aside from the Golden Trophy, certainly, you are wondering about the contender who has been crowned the Golden Ball in FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi has won the Golden Ball as the World Cup’s best player in this tournament. He is undoubtedly listed as one of the most celebrated players in the Football world. He scored impressive 7 goals in games in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

A Quick Overview Of The FIFA World Cup Golden Ball

Golden Ball or officially known as “Adidas Golden Ball” that assigns to the best player of the tournament. The award is given at the end of each FIFA World Cup final. It was first introduced in the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

Asides from Golden Ball, there are two more prizes-related balls, awarded to the runners-up. The first runner-up in the best player category receives the Silver Ball and the second runner-up player gets the Bronze Ball as the outstanding player in the tournament respectively.

 Basically, choosing the best player is the subjective selection process that is done through Fifa’s technical study group shortlists based on votes. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Croatia’s Luka Modric won the Golden Ball as the top player. 

Who Wins The Golden Ball Of The 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Argentine brightest player Lionel Messi has crowned himself as the best player of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Consequently, he achieves the historic Golden Ball as the player of the tournament. It is the second time Messi has gained this award. 

Throughout the entire season, he input his remarkable appearances and has made so many undoubtful successes for the team. Up to the semi-final, he scored 5 goals. At today’s final, he finished this tournament with the sixth and seventh goals, claiming himself the tournament’s best player by the panel of journalists.  

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