FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

What is the prize money for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022? FIFA has released its total prize money funds for the World Cup 2022 with a significant rise of 29%, bringing it to $1.25 billion, of which $440m will be split among 32 teams based on their performance during their final game of the World Cup.

The remaining 660 million will pay solidarity for lesser-developed associations, the benefit for clubs, and insurance/player protection plans for clubs. We walk you through the FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money, an official breakdown by FIFA.

How Much Money Will FIFA Distribute in 2022?

FIFA has revealed that they will allocate over $200 million to the clubs that grant players the right to participate in the competition. The total amount FIFA will pay is $440 million, and a maximum of $370,000 for each player.

They also informed us that all clubs featured in the last 2 years before the event would be compensated. According to the figures, FIFA disclosed 416 clubs in 64 countries that benefited from the FIFA program following the previous World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money

In the end, World Cup 2022 winners will receive up to $42 million. This is the most that a winning Federation has ever received. The record-breaking figure is the property of France, which received $38 million following their victory in the tournament of the 2018 World Cup.

As FIFA has stated, the figure that is $10,000 for each day can be divided by the number of days each participant is in the World Cup, starting two weeks before the first match and concluding one day following the nation’s final game.

The total amount is given to the clubs in which the player was for the past two seasons before the World Cup.

Winner $42m
Runners-up $30m
Third-placed team $27m
Fourth-placed team $25m
Teams ranked fifth through eighth $17m per team; $68m in total
Teams ranked ninth through sixteenth $13m per team; $104m total
Teams from 17th to 32nd place $9m per team; $144m in total

How Much Each Team Earned?


Participation Fees Prize Money Stage

Total Earnings

Qatar $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Ecuador $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Iran $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Wales $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Mexico $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Saudi Arabia $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Tunisia $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Denmark $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Germany $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Costa Rica $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Belgium $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Canada $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Cameroon $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Serbia $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Uruguay $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
Ghana $2.5m $8m Group Stage $10.5m
USA $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Australia $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Japan $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
South Korea $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Senegal $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Poland $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Spain $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Switzerland $2.5m $12m Round of 16 $14.5m
Netherlands $2.5m $16m Quarter Final $18.5m
Brazil $2.5m $16m Quarter Final $18.5m
Portugal $2.5m $16m Quarter Final $18.5m
England $2.5m $16m Quarter Final $18.5m
France $2.5m $16m Quarter Final $18.5m
Morocco $2.5m Third Place
Argentina $2.5m
Croatia $2.5m Third Place

How Much Money Will the FIFA World Cup 2022 Champion Receive?

The World Cup’s budget rises every year as it gains popularity and sponsors get compensated more.

For Qatar 2022, the budget will be $700 million. The prize money will be divided among all teams that participate. Each team will receive $2 million to help prepare for the event.

The teams will receive a payment of $10 million for participating in the group stage. The further teams advance through the tournament, the more money they’ll earn.

In the final, the winner of the World Cup will receive a $50 million money prize. The World Champions will earn just $62 million in prize money.

FIFA also provides $209 million to clubs to enable players who participate in the event. Insurance benefits total $134 million.

England is expected to earn at most 12 million dollars during the 2022 World Cup.

The amount England will be able to receive in prize money isn’t clear. However, they will receive at least 12 million dollars for participating in the event. The next time, it will depend upon how much England advances throughout the tournament.

If they advance to the 16th round, they’ll receive another $12 million. Likewise, If they make it to the quarterfinals, they’ll get $18 million, and the semi-final winner will be worth $40 million, if not more.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money History

Since 1982, the FIFA World Cup prize money has grown each year for four years. In 1982’s edition, the overall award was $20 million. France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup and got $40 million. This shows clearly how much money has increased with each tournament.

Edition Total Fund Winning Team Guarantee Payment
1982 FIFA World Cup $20 million $2.2 million  
1986 $26 million $2.8 million  
1990 $54 million $3.5 million  
1994 $71 million $4 million  
1998 $103 million $6 million  
2002 $156.5 million $8 million $100,000
2006 $266 million $20 million $300,000
2010 $420 million $30 million $500,000
2014 $576 million $35 million $1 million
2018 $791 million $40 million $1.5 million
2022 $1 Billion $45 million $2.5 million

FIFA World Cup Prize Money History

$1 billion Prize Money Fund Distribution System

As the final prize money fund is announced, FIFA also revealed the breakdown of how this $1 billion would be distributed.

This $1 billion fund is divided into four pillars of payments to be made.

  1. World Cup 2022 Prize Money: $440 million
  2. Preparation Payments: $70 million
  3. Club Benefits Program: $310 million
  4. Club Protection and Insurance Fee: $220 million

Wrapping up

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is the most expensive event ever, with an estimated revenue estimated at $220 billion!

This is mostly due to the expense of the construction of new stadiums, renovation of infrastructure, and also technological advances.

FIFA announced on April 20, 2022, that the FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money would reach up to $440 million.

2022’s World Cup prize money will inspire many players to perform their best. Certain players, such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar, will likely play their final World Cup and hope to end their careers with their shoulders raised.


What will be the prize money amount for 2022’s FIFA World Cup?

$440 million

What is the amount of prize money to be won in the 2022 world cup final?

The sum of $45 million will be paid to the team that takes the title. $32 million for runners-up.

Are there any payments that are guaranteed for participation in the World Cup?

Yes. Any team that is selected for World Cup 2022 will be given a guarantee that is $2.5 million.

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