FIFA World Cup 2022 Singapore Broadcast

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has already begun. 32 best national football teams compete in Qatar to win Football’s most prestigious trophy.

Though only 32 countries are participating in the tournament, the entire world is excited about the tournament. Singapore is no exception to that. So, in this article, we will guide you about the FIFA World Cup 2022 Singapore broadcast.

When it comes to where to watch the World Cup, Singaporeans have three good options to choose from. Mediacorp, Singtel, and StarHub. They have purchased licenses to broadcast the World Cup live on different platforms. Here we will discuss all three platforms so you can decide where to watch the tournament.

Watch the FIFA World Cup on Your TV


Mediacorp is a Singaporean media conglomerate owned by Temasek Holdings. It is one of the biggest media networks in the country, with TV channels, radio, and digital media properties.

Mediacorp is one of the media partners of this year’s World Cup. The network will broadcast all 64 matches/ But you can watch only 9 games for free on Mediacorp Channel 5. These 9 matches are:

  1. The opening match: Qatar vs. Ecuador
  2. Five group stage matches: 
  • Portugal vs. Ghana (25 November)
  • Netherlands vs. Ecuador (26 November)
  • Argentina vs. Mexico (27 November)
  • Tunisia vs. France (30 November)
  • Ghana vs. Uruguay (2 December)
  1. Two Semi-Final on 14 & 15 December
  2. The Final match on 18 December

To enjoy the full World Cup on Mediacorp, you must pay $118.


StarHub, a Singaporean multinational telecommunications conglomerate, will show the full coverage of the World Cup. It includes all the live matches, highlights, and replays. Sadly, you have to pay to watch the tournament.

The regular price for the World Cup is $118. However, to respect fans’ love for football, Starhub has introduced a new subscription plan of only $52.4 per month. This new subscription plan also includes the following:

  • Major football leagues, including Premier League, La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and the UEFA Champions League.
  • Cricket
  • Australian Open
  • Disney+

You can watch on their web portal or via the StarHub TV+ box.


Singtel TV is a Singaporean paid television service. Singtel is also showing 64 matches of the world cup. You can watch them both live and on demand.

You can watch the matches on Channels 141 and 142.

Singtel has introduced a special world cup pack. You have to pay a one-time $118 to enjoy all the live actions. The pack will cease after the end of the World Cup.

Stream World Cup Live on Your Mobile

Mobile streaming lets you enjoy watching videos on-the-go. You can enjoy all 64 World Cup matches on your phone on meWATCH, Star Hub TV mobile app, and Singtel Go.


meWATCH is a streaming service of Mediacorp. You can stream all the live matches on meWATCH.

If you want to enjoy the tournament on your mobile phone, use the meWATCH mobile app. You can use 5 devices with one meWATCH account.

StarHub TV+ App

You can Stream all 64 matches on StarHub TV+ App on mobile, which is available for Android and Apple. To enjoy World Cup matches, you don’t have to purchase them on mobile. You can use the buy in 1 account and have access both in the TV box and on your mobile.

Singtel Go

If your mobile is 5G enabled, Singtel Go can be a good option. On CAST and Singtel TV GO, Singtel has used the most advanced 5G network slicing technology.

The mobile app also allows you to record shows so that you can watch them later again. You can also pair your mobile with a Setup box and use your phone as a remote. Singtel offers high-speed streaming, so you have a smooth watching experience.


There is no free FIFA World Cup 2022 Singapore Broadcast. You have to pay to watch all the matches. Given that it is the world cup, the amount is worth it. Besides, all three broadcasters have a reputation for their top-grade service. They will provide you with a stadium-like experience at home. You can select any of them that you find more suitable.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports.


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