FIFA World Cup 2022 USA TV Schedule

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is only a couple of days ahead. The biggest sports tournament will kick off this Sunday, November 20, when Qatar’s host team faces Ecuador. The USA will have their first match the following day against Wales.

You can watch all the live action from the USA through Fox Sports Networks in English on your TV.

You can also watch online on Tubi and FOX Sports app.

The World Cup is a world tournament. People from all over the world are excited to enjoy the competition. So, you will find fixtures for different time zones. Be careful that you are following the right fixture.

In this article, we will feature the fixture of the World Cup in Eastern Time so that you do not get confused.

FIFA World Cup 2022 USA TV Schedule: Group Stage

Date Time (ET) Match TV Channel
Sunday, November 20 11 am Qatar vs. Ecuador FS1
Monday, November 21 8 am England vs. Iran  FS1
11 am Senegal vs. Holland FOX
2 pm USA vs. Wales FOX
Tuesday, November 22 5 am Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia FS1
8 am Denmark vs. Tunisia FS1
11 am Mexico vs. Poland FOX
2 pm France vs. Australia FOX
Wednesday, November 23 5 am Morocco vs. Croatia FS1
8 am Germany vs. Japan FS1
11 am Spain vs. Costa Rica FOX
2 pm Belgium vs. Canada FOX
Thursday, November 24 5 am Switzerland vs. Cameroon FS1
8 am Uruguay vs. South Korea FS1
11 am Portugal vs. Ghana FOX
2 pm Brazil vs. Serbia FOX
Friday, November 25 5 am Wales vs. Iran FS1
8 am Qatar vs. Senegal FS1
11 am Holland vs. Ecuador FOX
2 pm England vs. USA  FOX
Saturday, November 26 5 am Tunisia vs. Australia  FS1
8 am Poland vs. Saudi Arabia FS1
11 am France vs. Denmark  FS1
2 pm Argentina vs. Mexico  FS1
Sunday, November 27 5 am Japan vs. Costa Rica FS1
8 am Belgium vs. Morocco FS1
11 am Croatia vs. Canada  FS1
2 pm Spain vs. Germany FS1
Monday, November 28 5 am Cameroon vs. Serbia FS1
8 am South Korea vs. Ghana FS1
11 am Brazil vs. Switzerland FOX
2 pm Portugal vs. Uruguay FOX
Tuesday, November 29 10 am Ecuador vs. Senegal  FS1
10 am Netherlands vs. Qatar FOX
2 pm Iran vs. United States FOX
2 pm  Wales vs. England FS1
Wednesday, November 30 10 am Tunisia vs. France FOX
10 am Australia vs. Denmark FS1
2 pm Poland vs. Argentina  FOX
2 pm  Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico FS1
Thursday, December 1 10 am Canada vs. Morocco FS1
10 am Croatia vs. Belgium FOX
2 pm Japan vs. Spain FOX
2 pm  Costa Rica vs. Germany  FS1
Friday, December 2 10 am Ghana vs. Uruguay FS1
10 am South Korea vs. Portugal FOX
2 pm Serbia vs. Switzerland  FS1
2 pm  Cameroon vs. Brazil FOX

Round of 16

Date  Time (ET) Match TV Channel
Saturday, Dec. 3 10 am 1A vs. 2B FOX
2 pm 1C vs. 2D FOX
Sunday, Dec. 4 10 am 1D vs. 2C FOX
2 pm 1B vs. 2A FOX
Monday, Dec. 5 10 am 1E vs. 2F FOX
2 pm 1G vs. 2H FOX
Tuesday, Dec. 6 10 am 1F vs. 2E FOX
2 pm 1H vs. 2G FOX


Date  Time (ET) Match TV Channel
Friday, Dec. 9 10 am TBA  FOX
2 pm TBA  FOX
Saturday, Dec. 10 10 am TBA  FOX
2 pm TBA  FOX


Date  Time (ET) Match TV Channel
Tuesday, Dec. 13 2 pm TBA FOX
Wednesday, Dec. 14 2 pm TBA FOX

The Third-Place match will take place on Saturday, December 17. You can watch it on FOX at 10 am.

FIFA World Cup Qatar USA TV Schedule: Final

Date  Time (ET) Match TV Channel
Sunday, Dec. 18 10 am TBA FOX

The exciting tournament will come to an end on December 18. It is the first time a Middle-East country is hosting the FIFA World Cup Tournament. Fans are expecting to witness a high-voltage tournament. Check the fixture carefully so that you do not miss any tournament excitement.

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