Israelis will be able to watch the World Cup from Qatar
Credit: ESPN

Israelis will be authorized to enter Qatar for the 2022 World Cup tournament in November, multiple officials stated in a joint statement on Thursday.

Previously, The Israelis had to use a foreign passport to enter Qatar. But this time, they will get direct entry into the country to watch the greatest show on the earth. Previously, there was no direct flight from Israel to Qatar. But now, the government is considering direct flights for the World Cup.

“We are bringing today another political achievement that fills the hearts of fans,” said Lapid. “The love of soccer and sport connects people [and] between states and the World Cup in November opens for us a gate to new warm relations. I congratulate all the partners and await the beginning of the competition.”

“Sport has the power to cross continents and connect between people and states,” said Culture and Sports Minister Chili Tropper.

“I am happy about the important political and sports news. That allows also Israeli fans to participate in the biggest celebration of soccer in the world. A lot of Israeli fans are happy today.”

According to sources inside the Israeli security establishment, Israel was reportedly considering prohibiting its citizens from flying to Qatar in November to attend World Cup matches because of security concerns.

There have been nearly 15,000 purchases of World Cup tickets by Israelis. Sports tourism firms believe that there will be between 25,000 and 30,000 Israelis in Qatar for the tournament.

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