Peru, Colombia, Chile: One spot left for the 2022 World Cup

As match-day 17 is done and dusted, only one more matchday is to be played in CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification. The final matchday will be held on Tuesday, 29 March 2022, at 11:30 pm GMT.

Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay have successfully secured their spots for the World Cup 2022. There is still one ticket left to Qatar, for the 5th position team in the table. The 5th team will have to play in the intercontinental play-off to qualify for the biggest show on the earth.

The final matchday promises a breath-taking finish of the qualification round as Peru, Colombia, and Chile are still up for grabbing the ticket to Qatar. Let’s analyze the table standing of CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification.

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualification Table

Position Team Played Goals GD Points
1 (Q) Brazil 16 36-5 31 42
2 (Q) Argentina 16 26-7 19 38
3 (Q) Ecuador 17 26-18 8 25
4 (Q) Uruguay 17 20-22 -2 25
5 Peru 17 17-22 -5 21
6 Colombia 17 19-19 0 20
7 Chile 17 19-24 -5 19
8 Paraguay 17 12-24 -12 16
9 Bolivia 17 23-38 -15 15
10 Venezuela 17 14-33 -19 10

As things appear after matchday 17, the top 4 teams are well ahead and already on board the plane to Qatar. Currently, Peru, Colombia, and Chile are in the 5th, 6th, and 7th position, with 21, 20, and 19 points, respectively. They are very close and breathing on each other’s shoulders. Hence, the final day will see a race between these three teams for the 5th spot, giving them one last chance to qualify for the World Cup 2022.

Qualification Chances of Peru

Surprise Sports’ experts have deeply analyzed the factors and measured the chances.

Peru vs. Paraguay

In the final qualification match, Peru will host Paraguay on Tuesday, 29 March 2022. The match is set to kick off at 11:30 pm GMT, 6:30 pm Local Time of Peru.

In the Estadio Nacional de Lima, the home ground of Peru, the host team will fancy their chances. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a difficult night for the Peruvian as the Paraguayan are in good touch. Paraguay is coming out fresh from a massive win against Ecuador by 3-1. Meanwhile, Peru suffered a defeat by 0-1 against Uruguay, a few days ago. Despite the defeat, the Peruvians did put up a good show in their previous matches. Peru and Paraguay faced each other in a 2-2 draw on matchday 1, at home to Paraguay.

Hence, football lovers around the world are expecting a mouth-watering clash between Peru vs. Paraguay.

Qualification Chances of Peru

As Peru has more points than Colombia and Chile, a win (3 points) against Paraguay will confirm their 5th position. They don’t have to depend on other results.

If the result is a draw (1 point), then Peru must depend on other results. In that case, a victory of either Colombia or Chile will knock Peru out.

If Peru gets a draw, and Chile wins in their match, then Peru will be out. Both Peru and Chile will have 22 points, but Chile will rank higher because of a better Goal Difference (GD).

If Peru gets a draw, and either Colombia or Chile fails to win or gets a draw, then Peru will secure the 5th position.

If Peru loses against Paraguay, then a victory or draw for Colombia will see Peru out.

If Peru loses, then a win for Chile will see Peru out.

If Peru loses, both Colombia and Chile need to lose for Peru to go through.

Qualification Chances of Colombia

Colombia will play an away match against Venezuela in the final matchday of CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers. The match will be held on Tuesday, 29 March 2022, at 11:30 pm GMT.

Colombia vs. Venezuela

A crucial match for the Colombian on Tuesday that will decide their fate for the World Cup 2022. The team must depend on other results as a win may not be enough to finish in the 5th position.

Sitting in the 6th position, Colombia is a clear favorite to win the game against the bottom team of the table. Certainly, it will not be an easy night for the visiting team against Venezuela. Though the home team can no longer qualify for the World Cup, they will fancy their chances to spoil the Colombian party.

Reinaldo Rivera’s men have won their last match against Bolivia by 3-0, with their star player Luis Dias on the scoresheet. It will boost their confidence to play against Venezuela. In contrast, Venezuela has suffered defeat by 3-0 in their last match against Argentina. Head-to-head in their last match in the Qualifiers, Colombia defeated Venezuela by 3-0 in a home match.

Hence, Colombian fans across the globe will expect a comfortable win and keep their eyes on Peru.

Qualification Chances of Colombia

As Colombia is at 6th position, a point behind Peru, going into the final matchday, the team will have to depend on Peru’s result.

If Peru wins, both Colombia and Chile are out.

Colombia will qualify with a win if Peru loses or gets a draw.

Colombia will qualify with a draw if Peru loses and Chile gets a draw or loses.

Colombia cannot qualify with a draw if Chile wins their match.

Colombia cannot qualify with a draw if Peru also gets a draw.

If Colombia loses against Venezuela, they can no longer finish in the 5th.

Qualification Chances of Chile

Chile will host their final qualification match against Uruguay, on Tuesday, 29 March 2022, at 11:30 pm GMT. Sitting in the 7th position on the table, even a win cannot confirm them 5th position. They must keep an eye on other results.

Chile vs. Uruguay

In the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, the home ground of Chile, the host should face a difficult challenge against Uruguay. A handsome win and incredible luck may still push them up in the 5th position, giving them a chance to play in the World Cup in Qatar.

Uruguay has already confirmed their spot in the World Cup, in tremendous form, winning their last three matches in style. On the other hand, Chile is facing a difficult time, losing 3 matches in their last 4 matches, including a 4-0 defeat against Brazil a few days ago. Martin Arrospide, Chilean manager has to sort out a lot of things to beat Uruguay, giving them a slight chance to be in Qatar.

Head-to-head in the Qualifiers on matchday 1, Uruguay got the better of Chile at home, beating them by 2-1.

Can Chile still Qualify for the World Cup 2022?

Yes, Chile can still make it to the World Cup 2022. But it is no longer in their hands. They must depend on other results. Let’s analyze the qualification chances of Chile.

If Peru and Colombia both lose, a win for Chile will rank them in 5th.

If Chile wins and the other two get a draw, Chile will rank 5th.

If Peru or Colombia wins their match, Chile will be out.

If Chile loses or gets a draw, Chile will no longer qualify.

If Chile finishes equal points as Peru (It may happen if Chile wins and Peru gets a draw, both having 22 points), Chile will rank higher. Because Chile will have a better GD (Goal Difference).

Peru, Colombia, or Chile: Who has better chances to qualify for the World Cup?

As things stand, all these teams have a chance to finish in 5th position. Peru has a better chance among the three, as they have the equation in their hands. A win will confirm their 5th position.

Both Colombia and Chile need to depend on other results, a win still may not place them in 5th.

In the final matchday, Colombia will face Venezuela, an easier challenge than the others. On the other hand, Peru and Chile may find it hard to claim a victory, as they will face Paraguay and Uruguay, respectively.

Undoubtedly, it will be a must-win game for each of them. Get ready for a breath-taking final matchday of CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers.

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