How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Dish

DISH offers an app called the DISH Soccer Zone application, which allows users to search for how to watch, record, and stream all 64 World Cup matches.

Each year the FIFA World Cup is the most-watched sporting event worldwide. There’s no reason to skip a second from the 2022’s World Cup coverage when you buy DISH Network TV in your home!

As low as $69.99 each month and with no hidden charges or installation fees, you’ll be able to catch every second of World Cup coverage in English through Dish. You can also sign up to join DishLATINO and receive coverage in Spanish at just $54.99 per month.

In this article, you will discover where you can watch the action live with the details of your Dish and a step-by-step guide on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on Dish.

What Channel is the FIFA World Cup on DISH?

As per the game, English television coverage for this year’s FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on FOX Network (FOX) and Fox Sports 1 (FS1). The channel is available on channel 150 on DISH and is included across all of America’s Top Channel packages, including America’s Top120 (120+), 120+, 120+, and 250.

FOX is an affiliate local to you, and the channels will differ depending on your location. Look through your interactive menus to locate the FOX affiliate.

As local stations are available in all DISH packages through, You’ll receive all World Cup coverage in English regardless of which package you choose!

Spanish broadcasting coverage for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is featured on Telemundo and NBC Universo. Both channels are included in three DishLATINO packages that comprise DishLATINO Plus, Dos, and Max. Telemundo Channel 835 can be accessed through Dish Network. NBC Universo is on channel 838 on DISH.

Steps to Watch the FIFA World Cup on DISH

In addition to the World Cup live coverage, DISH Network offers up to 300 live channels directly to your home and more. The subscription includes premium channels such as HBO, Starz, and Showtime and local channels specific to your region.

Thanks to the Hopper DVR, you can create up to 16 shows simultaneously or view up to four channels simultaneously on one screen. The best part is that by using Dish Anywhere technology, you can stream live television, stream recorded shows, or even schedule recordings on your preferred mobile devices.

Step 1: To watch the 2022 World Cup in English, the broadcast will be telecast on FOX Network and Fox Sports 1. So first, you have to download Fox Sports 1.

Step 2: Fox Sports 1 is included in all the Top channel packages from DISH, including America’s top 120 and 120+ channels and 200 and 250 as channels 150.

Step 3: The channel name for FOX Network is different based on the location you live in since it’s accessible through the local affiliate (consult the interactive menu to locate the nearest FOX affiliate). However, local channels are part of every DISH package, meaning you’ll have everything you need in time for the FIFA World Cup on DISH!


Is Coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Available on DISH?

Yes! Every DISH Network package provides live World Cup coverage on Fox and Fox Sports 1. Additionally, you can join DishLATINO and enjoy World Cup coverage in Spanish on Telemundo and NBC Universo.

Can I watch the World Cup on my Mobile Device?

Yes! Through Dish Anywhere technology, you can stream your favorite matches of the World Cup from just about any place on your mobile phone.

Wrapping Up!

I think this guide will be helpful about how to watch the FIFA World Cup on Dish.

For fans of the world cup, DISH gives you everything you need to watch your teams of choice, along with the top leagues and the most exciting tournaments. The exclusive app available from DISH will change how you view the sport.

View multiple matches simultaneously or cheer your team to victory even when you’re at home, and receive all-encompassing coverage thanks to the cutting-edge TV technology you can only receive with DISH!

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