How to Watch FIFA World Cup On RAI

Wondering about how to watch FIFA World Cup on RAI? Head to this article to get knowledge about the RAI TV channels. Here, we have explained the efficient streaming process on RAI online platforms.

Even if you are hassling while accessing the RAI streams outside of Italian premises, get the best solution from this guide.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup excitement is bubbling over the millions of soccer fans around the globe. So Italian fans can’t escape from this enthusiasm. Regarding streaming from Italy, RAI will be the top choice here as a reliable platform.

Let’s glance at the below quick table to know all possible ways to watch sports live from RAI.

TV channels
  • RAI
  • RAI 1
  • RAI 2
  • RAI 3 
  • RAI Sport
Online Streaming
  • RaiPlay
  • RaiPlay

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup On RAI?

Yes! Football fans around the world can enjoy FIFA World Cup on RAI. FIFA has signed an agreement with RAI to broadcast this tournament’s games in Italy. All 64 World Cup matches will be shown on this Italian public TV broadcaster.

Besides the root TV network, you can watch the games on RAI’s linear networks RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, and RAI Sport. RaiPlay is also available as an online streaming option from RAI.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup On RAI?

FIFA has extended broadcast visibility for the live coverage on RAI for the Italian people. So, to watch FIFA World Cup in Italy, you can navigate to its free-to-air TV channels.

To stream the World Cup on your devices, visit RAI’s authorized streaming website RaiPlay. It is also available as an application, allowing streaming games on your smart devices.


RAI, or Radiotelevisione Italiana, is the first public broadcaster of Italy, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It comprises major subscription television channels, streaming websites, and radio stations across Italy.

This state-owned Television network is highly known for exclusively covering all significant news, sports events, documentaries, plenty of entertainment programs, films, and many more.

Being the biggest broadcaster network, it will give full coverage for the upcoming FIFA tournament. So, if you are in Italy, you can enjoy the 64 matches of this mega sports event on your cable TV through the RAI channel.


RAI 1 is the liner TV network owned and operated by RAI TV. It has also brought exclusive rights for Qatar 2022. But 28 out of 64 matches will be aired on this TV channel, including the opening match and the Final.

You will get the rest of the match on RAI’s other terrestrial TV channels, RAI 2, RAI 3, and RAI Sport. Besides live matches, you will get complete games, highlights, and analyses through this channel.


Besides traditional TV channels, RAI will telecast every World Cup match on their online streaming platform RaiPlay. It is the RAI’s over-the-top (OTT) service, developed for Italian residents.

It represents the same content available on RAI’s 14 TV channels. On top of that, it is compatible with various devices, allowing you to stream World Cup matches whenever and wherever you want!

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup On RAI For Free?

Yes! As RAI is a free-to-air TV network in Italy, you can watch all FIFA 2022 games on this channel without any subscription charge. Even if you are browsing the RaiPlay, it offers hurdle-free streaming to any sports event, including FIFA. You need to log in to the website with a free account.

There is no hassle of subscribing to access any of the on-demand content. The RaiPlay app is also available for free to install.

Can I Stream World Cup 2022 On RaiPlay App?

Yes! Italian soccer fans can easily stream the World Cup 2022 on RAI’s featured app RaiPlay. It will broadcast every match from RAI television and streaming site in high definition. Moreover, it is free to download and available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Download the install the app from the Google play store and App store on your smart devices. After starting the RaiPlay app, log in with your email and password, and that’s all done. You can easily stream the World Cup matches on your touchscreens.

How to Watch RaiPlay Outside Italy? (Top VPNs To Know)

RAI is the geo-blocked TV network in Italy. It has a broadcasting license only within the Italian premises. Due to geo-restrictions, you can’t be able to access its content outside of the country. But there is nothing to worry about.

A powerful and reliable VPN will do the trick here. It will help you to bypass the rigid geo-restrictions and let you access the Italian server.

But to do so, a premium quality VPN service with strong performance is needed. As you may get puzzled about finding such a VPN, we provide a list of top-class VPNs for Italian servers.

Here you go and complete your subscription:

ExpressVPN Surfshark NordVPN
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US$ 6.67/month

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US$ 2.30/month

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US$ 3.49/month


How to access RaiPlay from a Smart TV?

First, download and add the RaiPlay app on your Smart TV from the channel store. After completing the installation, log in with your Rai account. If you are new, sign up, providing all your credentials, and that’s all. Access any of your favorite content of RaiPlay for free.

Can I access RaiPlay from non-smart TV?

Yes, you can enjoy the RaiPlay content from non-smart TV as long as you have some special devices. That includes Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. Only by using these can you turn your TV into a Smart TV and allow you to add the RaiPlay app.

Wrapping Up!

Though Italy is not among the participants of the World Cup qualifier, there would be no less excitement among Italian fans. They are certainly wondering about the best streaming platforms for soccer games.

Thinking about this point, we have provided every piece of information about the Italian top-class sports channel RAI. I hope it was an informative read for you and there is no more query on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on RAI. That’s all today. Thank you for being with us.

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