How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Smart TVs

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Smart TVs

Are you interested in learning how to stream the FIFA World Cup on your Smart TV? We’ve made a complete guide to help you out. Read this article for further information.

World Cup Coverage
  • 1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN

  • 2. Download and install the VPN application.

  • 3. Login to the VPN application with your credentials.

  • 4. Find a United Kingdom server and connect to it (Without a VPN, the link won't work).

  • 5. Now navigate to the BBC iPlayer from HERE or ITV from HERE to live stream the World Cup Qatar 2022 for free.

We are aware of the difficulties some fans experience while attempting to stream the games on their smart televisions, which is why we provide various streaming options for your convenience.

Everything you need to know to stream the World Cup on your Smart TV is here. In-depth information about numerous Smart TV options is provided here. 

The excitement around the next FIFA World Cup has reached new heights in recent months as the World Cup is less than a month away. The entire world gathers to witness the FIFA World Cup. People are leaning on their Smart TVs to watch the tournament more than ever before this year.

Watch FIFA World Cup on Smart TV via Streaming Apps

BBC iPlayer

This website is dedicated to letting users watch BBC shows, and it also offers a specialized app known as BBC iplayer. The BBC iPlayer allows users to watch their favorite episodes on a larger screen. It can work with smart televisions.

Streaming applications for Smart TVs have never been better than this one. You are only permitted to use this service in its official capacity if you are a resident of the UK; if not, you can use the UK server.


It is also possible to access ITV using a set-top box. ITV Hub is another streaming service available to viewers in the United Kingdom. One of the most well-known and respected Smart TV streaming services suppliers will be in charge of the event’s entertainment during the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Hulu provides a streaming option for the ongoing Qatar World Cup competition. Simply download the app to your smart TV, then sign in using the credentials you used to create your account.

Additionally, there are other various platforms, such as-

  1. Sky Sports Live 
  2. fuboTV
  3. YouTube TV
  4. Super Sport

These are also some great available options for you to stream the World Cup from your Smart TV.

How to Watch Without Cable

There are a lot of official broadcasters of the FIFA World Cup. You can access the broadcaster’s official website to stream the FIFA World Cup on your Smart TV. You do not need any cable connection to do that.

How to Watch via VPN

Many of the streaming services accessible via Smart TV require a VPN connection. The vast majority of these no-cost streaming sites are restricted to users in a single geographical area, so if you happen to be located in a country that doesn’t have access to them, you won’t be able to watch any matches on them. Because of this, having a reliable VPN service is essential for getting over geographical blocks. With a fast VPN, you can play games without censorship.


Concerns about how to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 live on a Smart TV can be easily put to rest if the steps outlined in this article are followed as mentioned.

Golam Muktadir is the chief editor of Surprise Sports. He checks all the sports content and craft it to make it more digesting for the readers.


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