How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 On SRG SSR

As Qatar 2022 is just around the corner, Swiss people would have a lot of queries on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on SRG SSR. If so, head to this article to know all about the SRG SSR TV channels. Plus, you will learn all effective ways to stream SSG SSR on web and mobile devices digitally.

SSG SSR is like a sports home for Swiss people, wrapped up with all significant sports events worldwide. This sequence has completed all the broadcasting deals with FIFA for the upcoming mega 2022 World Cup. It offers soccer fans the most cost-efficient streaming opportunity via its wider platforms.

Wondering about how? Stay tuned with this guide till the end.

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup On SRG SSR?

Yes! FIFA has extended its broadcasting rights for Qatar 2022 in Switzerland with its state-owned TV network SRG SSR. As per the agreement, it will come up with the full coverage of this tournament. That means soccer fans in Switzerland can enjoy the 64 games via this TV channel. Moreover, it will also be available with the best streaming of the games through its online platforms.

Let’s glance at the below quick table to know about all possible ways to stream the FIFA World Cup on SRG SSR.

TV Channels
  • Play RTS2
  • Play SRF 2
  • Play RSI 2
Online Streaming 
  • Play Suisse
  • SRF player
  • Play Suisse App


How to Watch FIFA World Cup On SRG SSR?

SRG SSR is a free-to-air TV channel in Switzerland. It will broadcast World Cup matches on its TV channels and online platforms. So, to enjoy the FIFA World Cup, you can navigate SRG SSR’s TV networks. Plus, if you prefer to stream the games online, you can choose SRG SSR’s OTT services to get the best coverage for you.

Get the details below:

SRG SSR TV channels

SRG SSR is one of the top Swiss sporting channels featured with three linear television networks. Three channels broadcast programs in three different languages across Switzerland.

Here is the list of TV networks from SRG SSR:

  • RTS2– French language
  • SRF2 – German language
  • RSI2 – Italian language

All the above channels are produced by SRG SSR public-service broadcasting group. They have secured exclusive Swiss rights to the 2022 World Cup. Unlike SRG, you can watch the World Cup matches here in your preferred languages.

Play Suisse

Play Suisse is the SRG’s best streaming portal, producing all major news, series, films, and documentaries in Swiss linguistic regions. It covers the top leagues worldwide, including Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Besides live action, you can enjoy match updates, highlights, and analysis on one platform.

So, to watch FIFA matches online in Switzerland, Play Suisse is the perfect choice for you. You need to register with a free account on this website.

SRF Player

SRF Player is one of the best features of SRG SSR. It seems to be the largest online platform for sports streaming in Switzerland. It will show FIFA World Cup matches as a replay, allowing online viewers to watch the missed games on their devices.

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup On SRG SSR For Free?

SRG SSR is a free-to-air channel TV network in Switzerland. Thus all the content from this TV is available for free for all Switzerland residents. Even if you are availing the SRG SSR’s OTT service, that also lets you stream the World Cup matches by signing up with a free account. There is no hassling of subscription plans and costs.

Can I Stream On SRG SSR App?

Yes! Besides TV broadcasting and online platforms, SRG SSR is available on various devices via its application. Play Suisse and Intra SRG SSR are the two official websites of SRG SSR. Play Suisse offers all video-on-demand and streaming from the main broadcasting companies-RSI, RTR, RTS, and SRF. So, you can easily stream the FIFA World Cup matches on this application.

The app can be found in Google Play Store and App Store and is free to download. So, download and add the app to your touchscreens. Then, log in there with your SRG SSR account.

That’s it! You are ready to grab the hurdle-free and seamless streaming experience from these amazing platforms!

How to Watch SRG SSR Anywhere In the World? (Top VPNs For Switzerland)

SRG SSR is the geo-restricted TV network in Switzerland. It holds the broadcasting license only within Switzerland’s territories. Due to geo-block, you can’t access any of the content produced from SRG SSR outside this country.

But no worry! A VPN service will play the game here. It will bypass any network’s regional restrictions and let you enter that specific country’s server.

Regarding SRG SSR, you will also need a quality VPN server if you are outside of this region. We are providing a list of the best VPN server for Swiss servers.

Go through the list and ensure your subscription. Only then will you be able to watch to FIFA World Cup from SRG SSR’s OTT services.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are in Switzerland, nothing will be best for you than streaming live sports from the state-owned TV network SRG SSR. Moreover, you are getting digitalized streaming options to add a newer degree to your enjoyment.

Throughout this guide, we have nicely covered all the needed information about how to watch FIFA World Cup on SRG SSR. I hope that you have no more queries left over in this fact. Thank you for being with us!

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