World Cup 2022
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Who is qualified? Who is in dams? Everything you need to know about the last places to be filled for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Zone Europe

The playoffs were played in two rounds and on dry patches (so no round trip). There were three tickets left, so three tables with 4 teams each. Portugal, falling to Turkey (2-1), then dominated North Macedonia (2-0), falling to Italy in the previous round (0-1). The Seleção earned its right to travel to Qatar at the end of the year.

However, this painting is the only one to have had a “normal” unfolding. Poland was automatically qualified for its second round of playoffs following the disqualification of Russia, a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine.

They then took the better of Sweden (2-0), who had beaten the Czech Republic a few days earlier (1-0). Poland will therefore be at the World Cup. As for Ukraine, it has seen its match against Scotland postponed to June.

Wales, who dominated Austria (2-1), must wait three months before concluding their playoff.

Thursday, March 24:

Portugal 3-1 Turkey

Italy 0-1 North Macedonia 

Lands of Wales 2-1 Austria

Sosse – Ukraine: postponed to June

Sweden 1-0 Czech Republic

Russia – Poland: canceled

Tuesday, March 29:

Portugal 2-0 North Macedonia

Pologne 2-0 Sweden

June 2022:

Wales – Scotland/Ukraine

They are already qualified: Germany, England, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland

Africa Zone

Only five African teams will compete in the 2022 World Cup. After finishing first in their playoff group, they had to play one-round playoffs in the first leg.

Algeria and Egypt, which had won the first leg, were toppled by Cameroon and Senegal.

Friday, March 25:

DR Congo 1-1 Morocco

Cameroun 0-1 Algeria

Mali 0-1 Tunisia

Egypte 1-0 Senegal

Ghana 0-0 Nigeria

Tuesday, March 29:

Senegal 1-1 (3-1 TAB) Egypt

Nigeria 1-1 Ghana

Maroc 4-1 DR Congo

Algeria 1-2 Cameroon

Tunisia 0-0 Mali

They are qualified: Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia

North America Zone

Across the Atlantic, the formula differs. There is one day left to play in a single pool of 8 teams. The top three of this pool will qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

The 4th will be sent to the intercontinental playoff, where he will face a team from Oceania in a singles match scheduled for June 2022.

Canada, the leader with 28 points, has already validated its ticket for Qatar. Barring a huge surprise, the United States and Mexico, 25 points each, will also be in the game.

Costa Rica, 4th with 22 points, can no longer be caught by Panama (18 points).

Wednesday, March 30:

Costa Rica-United States: 11:00 p.m.

Jamaïque-Honduras: 11:00 p.m. 

Mexico-El Salvador: 11:00 p.m.

Panama-Canada: 11:00 p.m.

They are already qualified: Canada

South America Zone

Here too, it was a single pool composed of 10 teams. The first four qualified ex officio are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Ecuador.

The last day was only a challenge for the 5th place in the group. Peru did not tremble against Paraguay in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (2-0).

He will play an intercontinental playoff against the winner of the United Arab Emirates-Australia next June. Colombia and Chile will watch the World Cup on TV.

June 2022:

United Arab Emirates/Australia – Peru

They are already qualified: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay

Asia Zone

There are two pools of six teams in Asia where the first two are qualified. In a playoff whose winner is qualified, the two-thirds must face each other for an intercontinental dam, facing Peru.

Iran and South Korea flew over Group A to get their ticket, as did Japan and Saudi Arabia in Group B.

Australia has an appointment with the United Arab Emirates on June 7 in Doha (Qatar) for the famous local dam. Qatar, the organizing country, is automatically qualified.

June 2022:

United Arab Emirates/Australia – Peru

They are already qualified: Iran, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea

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