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Football is the world’s most talked-about sport. It gives the thrill and enjoyment of its viewers that none other sports can. There is no second competitor that can fight against the popularity of football. It owns the heart of every sports lover, it lives in them with respect and pride. Millions and billions of people stream football matches every day.

As I and you are also fans of football, we are a part of a very big community. The community where fans like us are crazy and insane about football, they had attached their soul with the love of football. Doesn’t it feel good to be a part of a community that is bigger than we can ever imagine!

Anyway, that’s not our topic today, our today’s lesson is about, all possible ways to live stream football. This will help the new members of the football lovers, and those who are on travel and don’t know the media of worldwide football streaming.

Before started talking about the main content, something you should know first. That, there are a lots channel, streaming platform, website, social media, apps, etc. available which will offer you live football streaming. The number of live streaming channels could be more than 150/200. Most of them are illegal, unauthorized channels, and they lagged a lot. And by using their service, they could take advantage of your user id and could hack your personal and valuable information. So, try to avoid those steaming stages. Here will talk about the best and most popular site where you can watch football live stream without facing any trouble.

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So, let’s see all the possible ways of football live streaming.

Ways of Live Streaming Football Match:

We live in a modern technology-dependent world. Now everything available in the online sector. To watch footballs we have multiple online streaming options. Let’s what are those.

  1. ESPN
  2. DAZN
  3. Amazon Prime
  4. Bet 365
  5. BT Sport
  6. beIN Sport
  7. Hotstar
  8. YouTube TV
  9. Fubo TV
  10. First Raw
  11. Premier League Live
  12. Rojadirecta


ESPN is the heart and collector of sports. It’s an America-based channel. They provide both traditional and online streaming services. It’s now considered one of the biggest platforms of all sports. Just with one channel, you could watch all of your favorite sports, including Football.

By using ESPN you could watch all the ongoing football matches and events. They will give you every minute of update with commentary, highlights, scores and so many other advantages.

ESPN branch channel is available all almost over the world and their online service too. So, wherever you go, you could watch the desired match with ESPN.

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DAZN is probably the most familiar and spoken live streaming channel in this modern technology online content-dependent world. They work actively and operate the sports zone in all the countries. You would find DAZN users in every corner of the world. It’s travelers the first choice of streaming platform cause work is range is very much extended.

DAZN first started its journey in three countries, Japan, Austria, and Germany. After a few years later, US and Canadian sports fans started to fall in love with DAZN. And later on, they won the whole world sports market.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is a very popular name in the live streaming field. They are mostly famous because of their movies and series content. But users have the opportunity to streams football matches with Amazon Prime.

But it’s the that, their football streaming number isn’t great in number. You would able to watch only important matches with Amazon Prime. But they, host and organized many footballs related shows which you can watch on Amazon Prime.

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Gambling is an interesting chapter of every sport. It has its exceptional attraction and it’s the handsome fascinating money. We all place bets at least once in our lifetime for fun or for serious. Whoever is interested in betting and has the slightest idea about it, they the about the Bet365 site.

Bet365 made its intro into the online world as a bookmaker site. It grows so rapidly and turns into mass extensive gamblers inn.

Later the site opened live streaming services for their loyal customers. Just by sign in, you could watch overall all sorts of sports including free football live streaming.

BT Sport:

BT Sport is another blazing star in the streaming sky. Its place of origin is in the UK. They worked from the UK and also their main customers are the UK dwellers. BT Sport offers so many types of services to their customers. With a one BT Sports connection line, you could watch sports activities.

BT Sport broadcast all the events of football. You could watch Champions League and Europa League matches too with BT Sport and thanks to their deal with UEFA.

beIN Sport:

beIN Sport is global sports media which is owned by a Qatari company called beIN. Their primary workplace was based in Africa and the Middle East. From time to time, they become popular in western countries. Now they work and operate their broadcasting media in countless counties. People from UK, USA, the Middle East, Australia, Thailand, and so many other counties use beIN Sport daily to watch different kinds of sports.

Most amazingly, it has the legal authority of broadcasting all major club and country football competition matches. With one single package, one could streams all the football matches.

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Hotstar is an India-based live streaming channel. It’s a subsidiary channel of Walt Disney Company. It’s mainly used for tv, movies, and entertainment purposes. But besides that, the sports section also plays an important part here. People streams football, cricket, and hockey with the Hotstar streaming service. It’s mainly designed and programmed for Indian people, people from other countries also use it. To overcome the geographical coordinates, just use a VPN.

The reason for its popularity is, Hotstar offers both paid and free versions. And the cost of its subscription price is very low.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is a place everything is available, all the contents and all the matches. There is not a single thing that YouTube can’t offer you. They are the holder of the biggest video platform in the world. Everything is available on YouTube. So, if you are looking at the streaming server where live football is available then YouTube should be your first choice.

With YouTube, you will have the opportunity of free football streaming. But not all the time, sometimes people go live with YouTube and show matches, and sometimes YouTube itself offers you a free streaming service. And with the YouTube subscription, you can watch more than 85 challans which contains all sorts of entertainment for you.

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Fubo TV:

Fubo TV is an America-based streaming site, that broadcasts all kinds of sports and entertainment-related programs. It is mainly famous for its sports-based content. With the subscription of Fubo TV, you could live stream all sorts of sports. They broadcast NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, international soccer, football, cricket, boxing, and all the sports.

If you ask anyone, how to streams football matches, they will undoubtedly suggest Fubo TV first. Cause it’s very easy to use and with a free trial, you could watch events for free.

First Raw:

First Raw sports streaming platform is probably the most interesting streaming site. Nowadays, all the sports and game is controlled by big companies and they put a huge price mark on the show. So, can’t watch any events for free. You have to pay a lot, just to streams football match with your mobile phone, sitting on your couch.

First Raw is very much against this paid-based content. They think sports should be free on the internet. One with any device that has an internet connection should be able to watch every sport for free. And they work for this.

With their free service, First Raw become a widely applied and hugely successful server. They also give you the option to buy event tickets from their apps.

Premier League Live:

Premier League Live is an official broadcaster of football matches and allows its users to streams football matches for free. It’s really good to use an official site and also when it’s free. With Premier League Live could see all the football activities, updates, highlights, commentaries, new information, previous match history, analysis of matches, and all the other things that one needs to know about a football game.

It’s very easy to use, doesn’t require any extra capabilities. And finally, Premier League Live is the best option to know and follow your favorite club cause they always focus on club information and write blogs.

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Here we have another interesting live streaming service for you called Rojadirecta. If you ask me, where and how to streams football matches then my first answer would be Rojadirecta. Why? Let’s find out.

Rojadirecta is one of the most prominent streaming servers that are working on football-based events. The most remarkable thing you could do with Rojadirecta that, you can work for the broadcasting game. It’s an absolutely amazing opportunity for all sports lovers. You can also watch football matches in different languages with Rojadirecta. It has so many channels to offer you, so with your tiny mobile, you could connect yourself with world football.


Those were the most used and popular sites you can have to live stream football. Besides that, some other worth mentioning streaming platforms are Stream Formula 1 Live, Mobdro, Hesgoals, Sony Live, Sky Sports, etc. network. Select the server that suits your geographic position best.

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