GFL Football in 2022
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The 43rd edition of the German Football League is here. The GFL started its journey on 21 May 2022 and is expected to close the curtain on 2 October 2022 with the German Bowl.

Let’s check out everything about GFL Football here and learn how to live stream it online and on TV.

The regular season of the GFL 2022 started on 21 May and is expected to end on 28 August 2022, followed by the play-offs. The season will conclude with the German Bowl, held on 2 October 2022 in Frankfurt.

How to Watch GFL 2022 online and on TV?

Sportdeutschland TV has claimed the rights to broadcast the GFL Football live in 2022. You can watch the German Football League actions via Sportdeutschland TV.

If you want to catch the GFL live stream, you can do it via sportdeutschland.TV. Again, you can watch the live stream via GFL TV online. You need to visit to get the live streaming link to watch via GFL TV.

What is GFL Football 2022?

GFL Football is the German Football League. It is the top-level American Football competition in Germany. The GFL marks its 43rd edition this year in 2022.

The GFL, formerly known as the American Football Bundesliga, started its journey in 1979. 12 teams played in the competition until 2011. Then, it was changed to 14 teams and further changed to 16 teams in 2012.

German Football League Format:

GFL Regular Season consists of North and South Conferences, each with 8 teams. Teams of the same Conference will play 2 matches with every other team, a home, and an away match.

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After the GFL Regular Season, the top 4 teams will qualify for the Playoffs from each conference. The No. 1 seed will play the No. 4 seed from the other conference in the playoffs. The 2nd place team will take on the 3rd in the table of the other Conference in the playoffs.

4 teams will qualify for the semi-finals of the playoffs. After that, the best two teams will play in the GFL Championship, known as the German Bowl.

Which teams are playing in the North Conference?

The defending champions Dresden Monarchs and 7 other teams are playing in the GFL 2022. The German Football League North Conference teams are Dresden Monarchs, Cologne Crocodiles, Berlin Adler, Potsdam Royals, New Yorker Lions, Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, Berlin Rebels, and Dusseldorf Panther.

Here’s the GFL 2022 North Conference Points Table after Matchday 1:

Pos. Teams Played Win Draw Lost PD PCT
1 Cologne Croc. 1 1 +27 1.000
2 Berlin Adler 1 1 +8 1.000
3 Potsdam R. 1 1 +3 1.000
4 New Yorker L. 1 1 .500
5 Kiel Baltic H. 1 1 .500
6 Dresden M. 1 1 -3 .000
7 Berlin Rebels 1 1 -8 .000
8 Dusseldorf P. 1 1 -27 .000

The top 4 teams in the table will qualify for the playoffs after the regular season. The regular season is expected to end on 28 August 2022.

Which teams are playing in the South Conference?

The German Football League 2022 South Conference teams are Ravensburg Razorbacks, Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, Munich Cowboys, Straubing Spiders, Allgau Comets, Marburg Mercenaries, Saarland Hurricanes, and Frankfurt Universe. The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns were the runners-up of the GFL season 2021.

Here’s the GFL 2022 South Conference Points Table after Matchday 1:

Pos. Teams Played Win Draw Lost PD PCT
1 Ravensburg 1 1 +59 1.000
2 Schwäbisch 1 1 +34 1.000
3 Munich C. 1 1 +12 1.000
4 Straubing S. 1 1 +1 1.000
5 Allgau Comets 1 1 -1 .000
6 Marburg M. 1 1 -12 .000
7 Saarland H. 1 1 -34 .000
8 Frankfurt U. 1 1 -59 .000
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The top 4 teams in the table will qualify for the playoffs after the regular season. The regular season is expected to end on 28 August 2022.

Who are the defending champions?

Dresden Monarchs are the defending champions of the GFL. They won the German Football League in season 2021 for the very first time.

The Monarchs finished the regular season at the top of the table. They beat the South Conference No. 1 Schwabisch Hall Unicorns in the German Bowl by 28-19 points to lift the title.

This season, Dresden Monarchs are playing in the North Conference to defend their title. They lost their opening match against Potsdam Royals to sit at 6th in the table.

Here’s the GFL German Bowl Winners of the Last 5 Seasons:

  • 2021: Dresden Monarchs
  • 2020: Abandoned for Covid-19
  • 2019: New Yorker Lions
  • 2018: Schwabisch Hall Unicorns
  • 2017: Schwabisch Hall Unicorns

Who have the most number of titles in the GFL?

New Yorker Lions have the most number of titles (12) in the GFL. They are playing the GFL 2022 in the North Conference. The Lions drew their opening match against Kiel Baltic Hurricanes to sit 5th in the table.

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