Harry Maguire Fiancee, Fern Hawkinsd

The Manchester United center-back, Harry Maguire, is a zestful player who has enormously contributed to the achievement of his club and country. These are apparent truths about the star footballer, except that nothing much about his heartthrob, Fabulous Fern Hawkins.

Here we have everything worth knowing about Fern Hawkins, Harry Maguire’s Fiancee, their baby, and exciting lifestyles.

About Fern Hawkins

Fern Hawkins was born two decades and seven years ago – precisely 1994, June 23 to a Brit Family in Sheffield. She is an intelligent head and a brilliant person, having bagged a first-class Honors in Physiotherapy. However, she is never reluctant to show the world how amazing it feels to be with her best man. Her pictures on Instagram speak volumes about this. The couples are always seen holding each other and adorning their Instagram pages.

Harry Maguire and Fern Hawkins

Interesting Facts About Fern Hawkins

She Has a Professional Job

Fern Hawkins is one of the few England WAGs with a professional job. She practices as a physiotherapist and read her way to bag the highest-grade point in the course in 2017. Sincerely, having a first-class honor is no joke! It goes a long way to show that Fern has a high IQ.

She is a Photo Blogger

Fancy Hawkins fancies taking shots and telling exciting stories about life with those. She is a top-notch photographer renowned for her skill in the art of photography. Fern Hawkin’s images are a must-see on her social media pages. She spares no effort in revealing her glamorous lifestyle to the delight of her followers, who love her for who she is and always shower her with enormous support.

She’s Versatile

The responsibilities that come with working as a physiotherapist are pretty overwhelming, and it nearly gives one no room to undertake any other endeavor. But this is not the case with Ferns, as she seamlessly combines her job with her creative drive. She’s a big-time physiotherapist, a huge photoblogger, and a highly respected internet diva. What’s interesting is how she balances all with no stress. Owing to her versatility, she has around 7 million dollars which is quite huge!

She’s an Internet Queen

An internet queen, an internet star – you may call her anything that aptly describes an internet sensation. Fern is quite an intelligent woman. Having been pushed into the spotlight by her relationship with a celebrity player, she leveraged this quite well; she became a photo diva and conquered the internet for herself. Today, she has thousands of followers on Instagram and other prominent social media platforms.

She’s Down to Earth

Fern is one happy fellow. She reflects this through her smiles and joyful living. Her blogs are mind-lifting and inspiring. It takes someone who has had a taste of joy or is filled with happiness to exude such in his appearance or lifestyle. Fern is just that perfect picture of bliss. She’s a motivator and a blessing to all women.

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Fern Hawkins Fashion Style

Fern is one of those women who makes every appearance count. She rocks every piece perfectly like the diva she is. Fern has been spotted on skirts, jeans, mini-gowns, plain tees, and all – she rocked them perfectly. What’s more? Fern Hawkin’s jewelry collection is quite a thing too! Top on the list of her collection is the diamond ring, estimated to cost more than £38k.

Fern Hawkins Baby

Today, Fern boasts of not one but two children. After dating for seven years, she finally tied the nuptial knot with Harry in 2018. The duo didn’t waste time in producing two big bundles of joy. She’s always proud to post her baby, Lillie Saint Maguire, on her Instagram page.

Having looked into the life of Fern Hawkins, let’s check out some unknown facts about Maguire.

Tidbits on Harry Maguire

If you’re wondering where is Harry Maguire from? Like his wife, he was also born in Sheffield, UK. He, together with his brothers, was bred in Mosborough, UK.

The Harry Maguire and Jose Mourinho saga where the latter declined to sign the player in 2018 for a £50m transfer came as a shock then, but this has not made Harry any less of a fantastic player. The story surrounding the saga transpired into the Harry Maguire transfer rumors of that year.

Other things worth learning about the player include The Harry Maguire contract, Harry Maguire transfer fee, Harry Maguire tattoo, and the Harry Maguire shin guards;
He landed a 5-year contract with Man U. This contract helps him go home with a big bag of cash totaling £189,000 per week. There are rumors that he may earn up to £300,000 per week because he has shown himself to be a crucial asset to the team. However, Harry Maguire’s net worth is a whopping £24.5 Million.

He has a lover of tattoos, having engraved some ink on some part of his skin. He even has a picture of his face on one of his laps.

Also, one sensation about the player is that he got a funny nickname from his teammates. Want to know what Jamie Vardy’s handle for Harry Maguire is? It’s called “Slabhead.”

WATCH: Fern Hawkins looks amazing

Feel the need to see more Fern Hawkins? The guys at Sport Heroes Youtube Channel put together this great video as a tribute in 2018.


Harry Maguire is a perfect gentleman, and it’s thrilling that he got an ideal woman like Fern as his sweetheart. We’re always on the lookout for this couple redefining the love story. They dated for over seven years before getting married, and today they remain glued together. It’s indeed a wonderful thing!

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