How UK Football Clubs Promote Responsible Gambling Among Fans

Gambling activities are considered to be one of the go-to recreational activities among Britons, which calls for the situation to take great measures. It is considered highly addictive, and if not done in moderation, it is highly capable of bringing major issues with lifestyle and expenditure. As a step to spread the word about healthy gambling practices, the government has been observed to take major steps to reassure the well-being of the citizens. Football clubs in the United Kingdom have taken the lead in supporting and promoting the responsible gambling agenda by preaching the importance of safe gaming habits.

Football in the UK has a major significance. Its immense popularity of it guarantees to secure the desired attention of the masses. Apart from preaching healthy gambling practices, this public awareness campaign is also aimed at ensuring the safety of football club members, especially players, as they are equally, if not more, susceptible to addiction problems. The football teams of the United Kingdom have stepped forward to work with GamStop to combat gambling addiction.

GamStop as a Tool for Responsible Gambling

GamStop is an independently operating self-exclusion scheme powered by the government of the UK that watches over the punters keeping them from experiencing major financial losses. They do so by limiting the player’s access to the gambling sites registered under the UKGC. It is free to sign up for UK citizens and is considered the primary tool to get over gambling issues. People can choose their exclusion period according to their own sweet will. Of course, they can still play at non-GamStop bookmakers such as these platforms, but the majority of self-excluded punters either don’t know about this option or prefer not to do so.

UK Football Teams That Support Responsible Gambling

Gambling protection organizations assist football clubs in accumulating funds for future expenses and team maintenance. GamStop, for example, gets the exposure it needs to stay in business. Many gaming firms allow gamers to wager on sites that are not affected by GamStop. However, some organizations are outright opposed. Among such supporters are:

  • Middlesbrough Football
  • Luton Town
  • West Ham United.

Let’s see how each of them promotes responsible gambling among their fans.

Middlesbrough Football Club

According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s new regulations, football clubs must comply with the government’s recently modified standards, which include mandatory collaboration with GamStop. Their partnership was meant to show that Middlesbrough Football Club is opposed to the corruption that has arisen as a result of the rapid popularity of gambling scenes. The primary motivation was to promote responsible gambling, which is still their priority.

GamStop benefited greatly from the collaboration with Middlesbrough Football Club. During the match days, it drew a lot of interest and received a lot of publicity. It aids in raising people’s awareness of the issue. The decision was made to empathize with the gamblers and their families who have suffered losses as a result of their excessive gaming. This also protects Middlesbrough Football Club’s fans by keeping them aware and away from such vices.

Luton Town Football Club 

There are different ways to promote responsible gambling, and when it comes to Luton  Town Football Club, rest assured they are utilizing as many of them as possible. Luton Town is a club that has been one of the foremost clubs to partner up with GamStop to support the impacted fans and their families. Their support is a symbol of advocating responsible gambling and avoiding overindulgence. Not only is promotion confined to match days, but it also extends to Luton Town FC’s social media accounts, as well as their official website.

West Ham United 

West Ham United is one of the Premier League clubs that has backed the push for a safer gaming week in 2019. West Ham United, backed by the ELF and sponsored by Skybet, works towards the same goal of persuading viewers and fans to consider GamStop’s service. In honour of Safer Gambling Week in 2020, West Ham United teamed up with Betway to assist at-risk gamblers.

Safer Gambling Week is conducted to raise awareness about safer gambling habits. A large number of organizations in the gaming business, both online and offline, are supporting Safer Gambling Week, which is for both commercial and non-commercial gain.


Even football clubs from different leagues may have gambling sponsors, so if they try to avoid respective advertisements, goods, and sports gear with casino logos, social media campaigns, and so on, they tend to lose sponsorship money. Clubs frequently have to spend a lot of money to find new sponsors who are willing to put up equivalent amounts of money.

Despite that, football clubs collaborating with GamStop to protect gamblers is a mutually advantageous move toward popularising GamStop services and calculating funds for the football clubs’ survival.

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