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For a few years, the rumor about Karim Benzema blackmailing his former French international teammate Mathieu Valbuena was a very hot topic.

The case about blackmailing first started in 2015. Since then there have been many ups and raise about the complaint. The scandal caused many troubles in the regular career of both Benzema and Valbuena. They faced huge criticism and had to leave their home filed for the cause.

The case finally ended with finding Benzema and his four other co-defendants guilty. All the fans of Benzema are very much worried about the player’s future career. Below we cover all the information about the case and case results against Benzema.

As many of us already know what is the accusation against this French living legend so will first discuss the case result. In case we don’t know the fact check the below paragraph. Anyway, the case final decision came on Wednesday. The French court finds Benzema for blackmailing his friend over a sex tape.

The court also makes it very clear for the fans that Benzema wasn’t directly involved with the blackmailing. Benzema himself denied the accusation for all these years. He never admits that he ever did anything wrong with his fellow teammate or with anyone else. But in the final decision of judges, they find him guilty in the court of Versailles. But the jury and lawyer of Benzema confirms that Benzema never blackmailed his friends but he encouraged the blackmailers and also kinda forced Valbuena to pay the blackmailers. Based on juries and lawyers’ statements and the given information of many other sources we could say that Benzema had some sensitive information about the sex tape and he used that to help the blackmailers.

On October 22 both sided lawyers handed the evidence to the court. The court delivered the verdict on Wednesday. Benzema was absent on both trial and the verdict day. He has been sentenced to a one-year suspension and a €75,000 fine for the case. Benzema’s fans and he are very much hurt with the case decision and shocked. Benzema’s lawyers confirm that he will appeal.

Karim Benzema’s future in Real Madrid and the French team after the case:

Benzema is now a very hot name in the upcoming Ballon D’or which will take place on November 29. He has a very high possibility to win that award for the very first time as both Messi and Ronaldo are not in their best form. But his current suspension for a year will have a very negative impression on that matter.

As for now, Karim Benzema may have to stay out of the football field for one year. But the  France Football Federation (FFF) president Noel Le Graet stated last month that Benzema, fifth on the ranking list of Les Bleus the all-time scorers with 36 goals in 94 senior caps, would not stay out from the French team if he was found guilty.

So, there is a huge possibility that Benzema may continue his career as it was going. He already got his punishment in the last 6 years. After the scandal came to the public he was suspended from the French international football team in 2015. He was out until the French coach Didier Deschamps called him back to join the force.

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