Lionel Messi With Pele

Until Tuesday, Pele who is the legendary football player of Brazil has been the most abundant scorer in South America by settling on 757 career goals for club and country. But now, the score of 758 career goals carries Lionel Messi to the next place in the record of maximum career goals in professional football.

The Brazilian legend Pele had ended his career with 657 goals. Messi has one goal less than him. On Tuesday night, He took 36 minutes to overcome that score. In each attack, Kylian Mbappe got up and passed the ball to the Argentine footballer in the middle. He got a space in the middle and moved to the opponent’s box. Then he shots a goal from there. That’s when he touched Pele.

Lionel Messi has scored 656 goals for Argentina, Barcelona, and PSG. On the day of Messi’s record, his club PSG has won against Club Brugge by 4-1 goals in the Champions League. Messi and Kylian Mbappe both scored twice the goal in the PSG win. Club Brugge’s goal was scored by Mats Ritz.

Ritz lessened the differences for Brugge in the 68th minute after the break. Towards the end of the match, Messi scored the second goal in the 8th minute. The Argentine football magician became the first player in the Champions League to face the net against 39 clubs.

This season, in 5 Champions League final tournaments it was also Messi’s 4th goal. In this comparison, he has achieved only one goal in nine Ligue 1 excursions for PSG. This year in Summer, Messi had also exceeded in the list of most international goals by a South American player. He also got on to hoist the Copa America this year which assisted him to earn his 7th Golden Ball on November 29.

Lionel Messi has also touched Ronaldo’s score with this goal:

Ronaldo had the most number of goals against any opponent in the European Championships. His ball was caught in the net of the field against 36 different opponents. The Argentine legend touched the Portuguese superstar’s score on Tuesday night. He scored the goal against Brugge as the 36th opponent.

Ronaldo’s record could not be broken even if it was touched yesterday. In one match one has to play against one opponent only. He broke the record of what was possible.

In the list of highest goals, he has crossed the record of Pele. PSG got a penalty in the second half and at that time Mbappe helped Messi to obtain this score. With that, the Argentine superstar picked up the goal effortlessly and came up in second place in the list of highest goals.

If you are thinking about who is in the first position then there is a clear answer that it is Ronaldo. He has scored a pair of goals against Arsenal F.C a few days ago and that made him the first player in history to score 800 goals, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. Messi is now 43 goals behind him. Only time will tell if Messi can break the record of Ronaldo or not.


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