Billy Gilmour

Norwich midfielder, Billy Gilmour, a loanee from Chelsea, was targeted with homophobic chanting from a group of Liverpool fans in a match against Liverpool.

The bullies were a bunch of traveling fans who shouted anti-gay remarks from the stands of Peterborough on Saturday.

It was an interesting match in which Liverpool stood victorious by 3-0. The three goals by Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino, both assisted by Mo Salah, the third one by Salah made him the first Premier League player to ever score consecutively in five opening weekends.

Liverpool has officially condemned the homophobic chantings against the young player in a tweet.

The tweet says: “The chant is offensive and inappropriate – a message we have repeatedly communicated alongside Kop Outs.”

The club wants its supporters to stick to its values and morals: “We urge supporters to remember the inclusive values of the club and to refrain from using it in the future.”

A Liverpool LGBT and action group ‘Kops out’ also condemned the behavior of the section of fans who chanted against Gilmour and tweeted: “Great result today marred by homophobic chanting by some of our fans targeting Chelsea loanee Billy Gilmour. If you can’t support without resorting to bigoted nonsense, you don’t understand YNWA.”

Homosexuality has always been considered a taboo subject in English Football. Probably due to this, there are no openly gay football players in the Premier League.

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The players are too afraid to come out publicly due to fear of on-pitch and off-pitch bashing.

Billy: A 20-year-old Powerhouse

Gilmour, who faced the homophobic chantings is a Scottish player, currently playing as a midfielder for Norwich city. He started his career with Rangers and joined Chelsea in 2017.

The Scottish man is currently playing for Norwich City on loan from Chelsea. He gave the credit to his fellow Scotland international Grant Hanley as being an influencing factor in his decision to join the club.

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The 20-year-old footballer is regarded as a player with high potential and aptitude. He has been able to win several awards and titles from the start of his career up till now. Some of the notable awards include Chelsea Academy Player of the year 2019- 2020 and U=18 Premier League 2017-2018.

Moreover, he has been proving himself as a remarkable player since college times. Billy has represented his country at under 16, under 17, and under 21 levels.

Past events give evidence of homophobia in the club

These homophobic chantings are not new as such incidents have also happened in the past. In 2019, a fan of Chelsea named George Bradley was fined and banned for chanting anti-gay remarks and screaming foul language during a match. He was identified and removed from the match.

The anti-discrimination campaign team named Kick it Out wrote in 2019: “The ‘rent boy’ chants have been directed at Chelsea for years, with little action taken by The FA or Police – and that must not continue. We are clear: the chant is homophobic and must be treated as such.”

Derby said they would work with relevant authorities and reach the culprits.


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