Liverpool vs Manchester City Live Streaming Guide
Photo: NBC Sports

Liverpool vs Manchester City is the next biggest match of City boys. They are going through a tough time. Last week they faced PSG, now they are going to meet against the 2021-22 season’s most dangerous team.

Liverpool is going to enter the field after a 5-1 win against Porto. They scored at least 3 goals in almost every game. On the other hand, Guardiola soldiers will place their feet into the field after losing against the PSG. Well, we are hoping the City boys recovered the wound from their past incident.

Here we prepare an article about Liverpool vs Manchester City match. Here we will talk about the match time, place, where to live stream, TV info, prediction, and some other fact that you may like. So, let’s start.

When and where is Liverpool vs Manchester City?

Liverpool vs Manchester City match will kick off at 11.30 ET on Sunday, October 3.

Be ready to watch the City against Liverpool. The clash is the most challenging match for City boys.

The match will take place at Anfield, Liverpool, England.

So, Liverpool may get some advantages that work fine to defeat Man City. Tickets are available online. The ticket price range starts from £98 to £371.60.

How to Live Steam Liverpool vs Manchester City Online?

Liverpool vs Manchester City live stream is available on Peacock, FuboTV, and on Sky Sports Go.

In the USA you could use several ways to live stream UCL group stage matches. The first and best option is Peacock. Peacock is the most popular live streaming server in the USA. They maintain all types of sports broadcasting. To live to steam the game with Peacock you will have to buy the subscription first. It will cost you 5 dollars a month.

The game will be broadcast on the NBC channel too. Which is available on some other popular sites too, like- FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. So, you could try these servers too.

And the third streaming option we have here is some unauthorized sites and social media pages. You can search on google and your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There will be a lot of sites, that allow free streaming.

And if you are from the UK then you could try the Sky Sports online version, Sky Sports Go. They broadcast the whole event on their platform.

How to watch Live on TV?

TV is the best way to watch sports and everything. The old tradition is always golden. Personally, I think TV gives a vibe that no other platforms are able to do that. And also TV allows you to watch the game for free. Here is the list of TV channels where you can watch Liverpool vs Manchester City. (Here we add some streaming sites too cause TV channels aren’t available there).

  • UK: Sky Sport
  • USA: NBC, TUDN Deportes
  • Canada: DAZN
  • Australia: Optus Sports
  • France: Canal+, BeIN, RMC Sport
  • New Zealand: Spark Sport

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Liverpool vs Manchester City Prediction:

Liverpool and Manchester City is the most powerful team on the Europe league. Well, we do consider the ability of Chelsea, Manu and PSG. But what the last couple of years said? If we look at the 3/4 years history then we can see that they are the one who holds the crown of the champions league. Specially Guardiola’s coaching has taken Manchester City to the highest peak.

Liverpool was always a top team. But in recent days what they have started is complete madness. In this season they are playing recklessly and no one is able to stop them. They never scored less than 3 goals in any games. Always running with balls and breaking all the defense of the enemy. They were in the first list but after Chelsea’s win against Southampton, Chelsea is now in the top place. After tonight’s match, Liverpool will get back their place again. Though Liverpool is scoring like unstoppable, Klopp isn’t completely happy about it. Cause everyone sees that Liverpool’s defense is a bit weak. They will have to be concern about the fact cause it’s Manchester City.

On the other hand, Manchester City is playing with the best. They are always like to play in a systematic way which includes planning, calculation, etc. They don’t much believe in an aggressive playing style. So, City is having a wonderful journey in the premier league. They only lose one match in this season against PSG, in the last week. They recovered their past losses. Cause they knew taking down the PSG is quite impossible now. You can’t just enter the field and think that you will against Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe lineups.

Tonight’s match is going to be the most competitive fight ever. Both teams are very good at attacking. So there will be scoring on both sites.

  • Prediction: Liverpool 3 – 2 Manchester City


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