Liverpool: Why is it one of the best football teams in the world?

Reading through the pages of history and the present news, the one Football club which has the name as one of the most successful clubs in the world is Liverpool. And why it won’t be!

It is an emblem of England Football; it won’t be enough to describe this team as only another club team, but it is an institution in itself. 

Talking about the history of this club, we come across a rich history and distinctive playing style as the most important contributing factors to which Liverpool has millions of fans around the world.

If we say that the Reds (Liverpool FC) are the powerhouse of football, it won’t be an exaggeration.

They have proved that their fan-following is worth it because it is not just a football club. It is a brand in itself, a global brand.

What is so special about the team Liverpool? What makes Liverpool live up to the standards of its millions of worldwide fans?

In this article, we will look deeply into the factors that contribute to the club’s success.

We will come to know what are the qualities of this team that have cemented Liverpool’s unmatchable status in the football world.

Historical Overview

Liverpool FC is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England. It is one of the top-tier clubs which compete in the Champions League.

Foundation and Legacy

1892 is marked as the foundation year of Liverpool FC. Since the early days, it started showing its potential. After a year of its foundation, Liverpool started participating in the Football League games.

In 1901, the team etched its name as the winner of the League Championship, and that was the start of a great glorious history for Liverpool.

It was when history started to weave to make a glorious canvas for Liverpool in professional football. Since then, the club has been paving its way to a bright future with heaps of success and achievements each year.

It won 19 league titles and collected generations of fans. With 9 League Cups and 7 FA Cups to its name, Liverpool became a source of pride for followers who religiously became the die-hard fans.

We can assume that Liverpool has a deep legacy interwind with Liverpool City and is continuously shaping its identity.

Bill Shankly Era

We are talking about Liverpool, and we don’t talk about the legend himself, “ Bill Shankly” It won’t do justice to the history of Liverpool in particular and the football in general.

The club transformed the prudence of the manager Bill Shankly, who set foot in the club during the 1960s-70s. During his tenure, the club emerged as a football powerhouse.

Winning League titles and the European Cups became a norm for Liverpool, who was relentlessly working under the guidance of Bill Shankly.

Both domestic and international fronts were greatly befitting of the guidance of the great manager, who was not just a manager but a spark for his team’s success.

The history of Liverpool greatly prides on him as one of the most influential and impactful managers for his club.

Shankly transformed the club into a dominating force in English football and laid solid foundations for its success in the future.

During the Bill Shankly Era, the club won 3 League Titles and 2 FA Cups.

The 9-year tenure of Shankly was more than a transformation for Liverpool.

In recent years, Liverpool has gotten a boost. With 6 major trophies under the belt, it is no less than a Shankly period reversing. Liverpool has won the 2020 Premier League title and 2019 UEFA Champions League title to its name under the Kloop.

Is Liverpool going to see another Bill Shankly Era?

Sporting Achievement

With a long list of historic wins and titles to their name, the Liverpool team has witnessed sporting achievement as a testament to its current status of being one of the best football teams in the world. Success has its front foot forward for Liverpool in domestic and international European competitions.

Domestic Dominance

With unparalleled dominance, Liverpool has won tremendous domestic competitions, making it the most successful club in English domestic football history.

Among numerous titles that Liverpool has lived up to, it contains 19 League Titles, thrashing anyone else in history.

It also has a consistent ability to set standards for English football, with 7 FA Cup titles badging to its name.

Its sustained excellence does not stop here it brought 9 League Cups and became the football juggernaut.

Cherry on Top was in 1984 when the club won three domestic titles in the same season to its name. I think now this is not just a brag but the authentic leadership and the compatibility of players that has made Liverpool FC a gigantic club in football history and present.

European Glory

Regarding the European Glory, Liverpool is nothing short of being spectacular in European Football as well. We can mark the historic wins in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, which Liverpool has etched in its name several times.

Its fans are delighted with these historic triumphs where we can discuss the “Miracle of Istanbul” in 2005. There is also the glorious Champions League Victory in 2018-19, which has further helped elevate a global standing for Liverpool.

If we say that Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in European Football, it won’t be wrong. It has won the European Football titles more than any other English Club.

Its global presence is due to massive wins, among which the 6 UEFA Champions League and 3 Europa League Titles remain the most famous.

Liverpool FC remains among the list of successful clubs in European football history. Due to its hard and strong performances, the club has won six UEFA Champions League titles.

This is more than any other English club would have done so far. It shows the team’s consistency in winning English Football to its name.

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Global Recognition

The magic and influence of Liverpool’s football does not only dominate European Football or domestic football; we can find it beyond the borders of England and expanding to the whole wide world.

The club boasts a massive fanbase affectionately known as the “ Kopites.” You can find Koptites singing the unifying brand anthem of the Liverpool team, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which is like a bonding force for fans around the world.

A global recognition of the club has enhanced its stature in the football world and has made it a global brand name.

With millions of global fans following, the club has gained popularity. We have seen that the club has a rigorous and active social media. This can be proven through the results of social media platforms that have a massive reach.

Followers are not just people. They are loyal fans who are loyal to the club itself. Liverpool’s active social media has seen a breakthrough in fan following in recent years.

Playing Style and Philosophy

Now, as we are talking about the playing style, Liverpool has a distinctive playstyle that is strongly characterized by high-intensity pressing along with its attacking power and the coherency among the teammates, which is the radical and the most rational thing to rely on.

High Intensity Pressing

The most talked about habit of Liverpool is its high-intensity pressing game, which is a spectacle to behold in itself. With this strong tactical approach, Liverpool disrupts its opponents and wins the possession.

The intense pressing approach has also set the stage for a quick counter-attacking strategy synonymous with Liverpool.

The unique playstyle is a cornerstone of success that sets Liverpool apart. Liverpool does not just score goals. It imposes victory over its opponent, and that pressing has continually proven the unique strategy for Liverpool so far.

It’s the most effective strategy, which disrupts the opponents and forces them to make mistakes. And when there is a mistake, there is a sure goal from Liverpool.

And this pressing is the ultimate success for Liverpool FC.

Attacking Prowess

Breathtaking is a small word for the attacking prowess of Liverpool. We can see key players Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino constantly reaching the back-to-back goals.

The club emphasizes attacking and making it dynamically effective to ensure the matches are must-watch events. It is not just winning but winning in style that makes Liverpool FC a highly capable team with its unbeatable attacking prowess.

We can say to the front that Liverpool is the most attacking team in the world. With a plethora of capable players, Liverpool has got a high goal-scoring record.

Team Cohesion and Mentality

An unshakeable attribute of Liverpool FC is its team cohesion and the mentality of its players.

The players are like a closely knit unit, and their unwavering belief in each other makes its way to victory.

Team coherency is one discipline that is built in Liverpool, and with it, the team has made numerous comebacks and last-minute heroic endings.

Such tremendous team cohesion was seen in the famous Champions League match held in 2018-19, which was played against Barcelona. Liverpool saw an immense coming back in the match.

This thrilling match left a strong impression on the football fans. The players in the team always try to follow the legacy of the Liverpool club and its heroic performances.

Managerial and Leadership Excellence

Liverpool FC has been blessed with some of the greatest managers in football history.  We can confidently say that among the best managers that football has seen, Liverpool has attracted many among them.

From a long list of successful team managers, we can see Bill Shankly standing at the first. But Bob Paisley and  Kenny Dalglish are nothing short of being great managers.

Now the Liverpool has Jürgen Klopp as the most useful possessions Liverpool can ever have. They all have played a genuine role in bringing out the best shape of the club’s identity and success.

Jürgen Klopp’s Era

With the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool saw progress in 2017. The charismatic leadership of the Kloop has marked an emotional connection with the fans.

In 2019-20, we saw the winning of the Premier League Title and the Champions Leagues in 2018-19, a testament to the incoming talented manager Kloop. 

Kloop’s passion and football philosophy are brilliantly displayed in the club’s glorious days.

It was his style and his vision that he could see the potential in his team. He is the one who knows the value of his team and brings it sparkingly to the world in the shape of forming a unifying force. He has a motivating and inspiring personality that is essential for the team’s success.

Legacy Of Past Managers

Liverpool has been blessed with a history of great managers, including Bob Paisley, Kenny Dalglish, and many others. Their influence and footballing philosophy have contributed to Liverpool’s enduring success. It’s a legacy that managers strive to uphold.


Liverpool FC’s journey to becoming the world’s best football team is a testament to its rich history. We can count on the many remarkable achievements that have led the way to make the club a success.

The unique playing style and exceptional leadership have progressively helped build the club’s morale. Liverpool was born in the heart of England. It has yet captured the hearts of fans across the globe.

Its legacy continues to grow. Liverpool FC isn’t just a football team, but it’s a symbol of passion. Liverpool has lived up to the resilience its players show and in the beautiful game at its finest.

Its allure transcends borders and generations. Liverpool FC is more than a football club. It’s an embodiment of footballing excellence and an inspiration to millions.

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