Manchester United vs Everton
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Manchester United vs Everton is the mid-week match of the UCL group stage. Both teams are now sharing the same points. Though they have huge differences in performance and activities. With one win against Everton, Man United will place themselves in the first place. After one loss in the last week against Aston Villa, Everton is now seeking points.

Here we prepare an article about Manchester United vs Everton. Here we will talk about the match time, place, where to live stream, TV info, prediction, and some other fact that you may like.

When and where is Manchester United vs Everton taking place?

Man United vs Everton match is set to play on Saturday, October 2 at 7.30 AM ET. Be ready to watch the return of the Red Devils.

The match is taking place at the Old Trafford stadium.

It’s the home of Manchester United. So, the Red Devils will get a lot of applause from the audience.

How to Watch Manchester United vs Everton Live Stream?

  • UK: Sky Sports, BT Sports
  • USA: FuboTV, Peacock

How to watch from the UK:

There are two most popular ways to live stream Manchester United vs Everton match in the UK. The first one is Sky Sports. Outside of UK, Sky Sports doesn’t operate much. So, if you are from the UK then watch the event on Sky Sports. It’s the most popular streaming server in the UK. All kinds of games and events are available here. The subscription to Sky Sports will give you the world in your hand.

Another steaming site you can try in the UK is BT sports. They are also hugely popular like the Sky Sports server. BT sports mainly works with the streaming site, unlike the Sky Sports that operate both TV and streaming server.

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How to watch from the US:

If you are from the USA then you could use Peacock live streaming server. Peacock is a live streaming server based in the USA. It’s the best service for streaming the Manchester United vs Everton match. The apps will allow you to live stream the whole event without paying single money. Cause Peacock doesn’t require any money for a subscription. If you are a little short on money then Peacock is your best option.

And the last one is FuboTV. Well, nothing much that needs to say about Fubo TV. A platform like Fubo TV will also broadcast the match.

How to watch Manchester United vs Everton Live on TV?

  • UK: Sky Sport
  • USA: NBC

We talked about the Sky Sports services above. They have TV options too. So, if you have a cable line then why not watch free. You can watch Manchester United vs Everton on the Sky Sports TV channel.

In the USA NBC is the official broadcaster of the Man United vs Everton match. It’s one of the most popular channels in America. They broadcast all the sports events like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Rodeo, Golf, Racing, etc. You can watch your favorite sports game from NBC  at any time you want. You can watch the whole tournament with NBC.


Manchester United is the fearsome name in this UCL group stage match. They are going at an unstoppable speed. Their position and performance are now in the best form. And after the returning of Ronaldo, all the Red Devils players must gain huge confidence. The boss never stops scoring in any match. The only match that sleeps away from the hand of Red Devils is against Aston Villa. That was quite unusual.

Last week it happened out of nowhere. Fans were really shocked about the fact. Everything was going well, but missing the plenty shot made the game worst for Manu. It was very unlikely to see Fernandes missing a penalty. And probably from now on, the Portuguese midfielder will probably take all the shots. So, missing chances are now zero. Now, we think then Man United recovered its loss and is ready to face their next opponents.

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On the other hand, Everton is now one of the toughest teams on UCL. They are raising very fast from their old form. Soon they will be known as the best team. But their current position isn’t that energetic or powerful to destroy a team like Manchester United.

Though the points are the same as Everton and Man United. Both teams won four games, lose one and draw. The fun fact is, Everton also lose their match against Aston Villa. Villa wasn’t considered the toughest team on board but what they are showing sometimes is truly unbelievable.

Everton loses to Villa by 0-3 goals where Man United loses by 0-1 goals. Everton could pull up a great show but the absence of James Rodriguez, won’t allow this easily. They have some other renowned players too like Dominic Calvert-Lewin as the striker,  Andros Townsend, and Alex Iwobi as the winger.

It will still be very hard for Everton to stop Man United. After calculating both team facts, activities, conditions, performance our analysis says that Manchester vs Everton match point will be Manchester United 2-0 Everton.


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