Mbappe is Leaving PSG Because Of Messi?

Mbappe Leaving PSG
Photo: Eurosport

Lionel Messi has moved to Paris St. Germain this season. The festivities began all over Paris after Lionel Messi joined Parc des Princes. Messi was warmly welcomed by club supporters and officials. Almost everyone was very happy with this new chapter of Messi. One of them had a very bad mood and he was none other than Killian Mbappe.

Mbappe has been ruling the French club since 2018. He has also played one season in PSG on loan from Monaco before joining. The club has a one-year contract with Mbappe, who made himself very good at PSG’s camp.

“I think everyone knows. His future is clear. He said it himself, he wanted us to have a competitive team. Well, we have the most competitive in the world right now. So there is no excuse for him now. He can’t do anything else but stay,” said Al-Khelaifi when asked about Mbappe.

PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino said that he was confident that the French star will not leave the club strengthening rumors. The Argentine coach said, “Kylian is relaxed, he is our player, and I don’t see him being anywhere else this season. This period is part of football, lots of things are said, and I know from experience that some things happen and others don’t.”

But after the joining of Lionel Messi from Barcelona, He is thinking of leaving the club. The French club has decided to renew his contract for 5 years and giving him all the better facilities, his mind could not melt. The rumors of staying in PSG for the last few days have been proved wrong. Mbappe is no longer be playing in the Parc des Princes.

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English club Liverpool has entered the field to buy Mbappe. With Mohammad Salah, they want Mbappe to increase the strength of the attack. This is what several English media have claimed. But Marca, a famous French media reported that Spanish giants Real Madrid is desperate to get Mbappe. The news of Marca has changed the future of Mbappe.

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But a day earlier, Real coach Ancelotti had said he had no interest in Mbappe.

Ancelotti doesn’t know if he will arrive,” he said at a press conference when asked about his side’s interest in Mbappe.

“I don’t care what will happen. I have a very good and very strong squad. They give me a lot of happiness. I am focused on that.

“Let’s wait these 10 days and now I am focused on the team that I have.”

This week it will be confirmed where Mbappe is going or not. Meanwhile, PSG has announced that Brazilian star Richarlison will be brought to the team from Everton if Mbappe leaves. The club has decided it with Neymar’s intention to bring his countrymate.

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