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To rewrite history we always need a good author. The soldier will write a new chapter with his sword. And this legendary soldier comes into to field after a long time. PSG got that soldier in their team when they took Messi. And what Messi did for the Paris Saint-German? Well, he took care of the world that PSG was carrying for a long time. And who knows what will happen next. Cause the fire has started in the heart of Argentinian boss.

In the last UCL semi-final match, PSG went to the home after losing against Manchester City. Then Man City lost the final match playing against Chelsea. Well, last Saturday in the group stage match of Chelsea vs Man City, the City boys took their revenge.

But did they guess that PSG was getting ready for taking their revenge? Well, Man City knew that winning against PSG won’t be an easy game. Before the match conference, Pep Guardiola says, he doesn’t know how to play against the PSG team.

Though Man City gave a very good performance on the field. They weren’t just standing there and getting shot at. They gave a hard too and fought well. But it’s luck that didn’t help. Cause how the hell Bernardo Silva could miss that shot! He even tried two times but damn that was suck.

But anyway, Messi made goal debut for the PSG after three matches. That shows that he is getting along with the team. He could earn that previously but he wasn’t able to play 90 minutes cause of injury. He is completely well as we saw on the field that Messi wasn’t attached with the ball for long.

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But we know, if the Argentinian boss stays on the field for the whole match then he wasn’t gonna leave the court without scoring. And thanks to Mbappe, cause his back pass made it true. Messi scored his first goal PSG after 74 minutes. It was the second goal for team PSG, the first made by Idrissa Gueye after 8 minutes.

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Messi says, “I’m very happy to have scored. I’ve not been playing much recently and I’m adapting to my teammates little by little. The more we play together the better it will become. We need to grow together and increase our level.”

PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino and Man City boss Pep Guardiola reaction to Messi’s first goal:

Guardiola has a long history together. They were the best pair in of coach and player. Guardiola helped Messi a lot to become the world’s best player. They won UCL together in 2009 and 2011. Guardiola knows the power of Messi.

After Messi scored at the last game against Man City Guardiola says, “we know it’s impossible to control Leo during 90 minutes. We know quite well when he can run and get close to the ball he is unstoppable. I wish him the best. If he is happy and enjoying this period in Paris, I will be happy.”

The PSG boss Pochettino was very he saw Messi scored his first goal for PSG. Pochettino says, “I did celebrate the goal. Usually, I don’t celebrate goals, I keep it to myself, but today, for Messi, I did. I spent years watching Messi score goals from the opponent’s side so this time, scoring for my team, that’s great.”


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