MLS to Investigate Taxi Fountas Over Alleged Racial Abuse on DC United's Damian Lowe... La Liga Reacts to Racial Abuse on Vinicius

The Major League Soccer has launched an inquiry into allegations that Taxi Fountas used the n-word to refer to Damian Lowe during DC United’s 3-2 loss to Inter Miami.

The Jamaican international Lowe and the Greek challenger got into a physical confrontation in the 62nd minute of the MLS game between DC United and Inter Miami. Lowe was upset with the Greek’s challenge.

Following the alleged slur, Lowe yelled back at Fountas, and referee Ismail Elfath then halted play to consult with both captains.

In the subsequent four minutes, as Wayne Rooney and Phil Neville gathered on the sidelines to discuss with the referee, the situation took an even more dangerous turn.

Neville then called his Inter Miami squad together to decide whether they should keep playing after both players received bookings.

After a second separation because of continuing high tension between the two teams, the play eventually resumed after a five-minute break.

The next time the ball went out of play, DC United manager Rooney decided to substitute Miguel Berry for Fountas, who had just made it 2-2 moments before.

The Inter Miami manager praised Rooney for his deeds, claiming he had “gained more respect for him” than for any goals he had previously scored.

In his post-game press conference, Neville stated: “It was a racial slur that is inexcusable. The word that was used is the worst in the world and is undesirable in society.

“Racism has no place at all on the football pitch. The owners concur wholeheartedly. I must congratulate my teammates for maintaining composure.”

DeAndre Yedlin, a defender for Inter Miami, said that despite Gonzalo Higuain’s 94th-minute winning goal, the team did not feel like a winner and that the players were prepared to leave the field after the on-field discussion with Neville.

La Liga Reacts to Racial Abuse on Vinicius

Meanwhile, La Liga has finally reacted to the multiple racist shouts aimed against Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid last night.

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La Liga

Vinicius is a monkey was shouted by Atletico Madrid supporters outside the Civitas Metropolitano in several videos that surfaced last night. Throughout the game, the chants persisted inside the stadium.

La Liga is putting proof of last night’s events into a report to deliver to the Anti-violence Commission, according to Isaac Fouto of Cadena Cope. Any cases of discrimination of any kind are handled by the aforementioned commission.

Following accusations of racial chants directed against Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid, La Liga has denounced “hate speech” and pledged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies over the matter.

On Sunday, Real defeated Atletico Madrid, and some rival supporters allegedly sang racial anthems as they entered the stadium.

It happens after Vinicius, 22, said that recent criticism against his dance celebrations was criticism against “the happiness of a black Brazilian in Europe.”

An official statement from La Liga read: “We denounce any acts, both inside and outside stadiums. We collaborate with clubs to maintain a fun and friendly game of football.

“Hate speech has no place in La Liga,” the statement continued, “and we always collaborate with the teams and the authorities to uncover and bring any such instance to justice.”


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