Neymar World Cup
Photo: The Guardian

The PSG star Neymar is one now of the most important players in Brazil’s international team. Along with Silva and Gabi, Neymar leads the team to its dream destination. Since 2002 the yellow boys didn’t bring any world medal at home. And this time all the Brazilian puts a lot of on their representative in Quarter. The current boss of Brazil Neymar says, he won’t disappoint anyone and he will do his best to get the most precious trophy for his team.

But sadly he also said that it will be his last world cup tournament playing. After next year’s world cup, he won’t participate with his teammates in the 2026 world cup in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. For the Quarter world cup the Brazilian star taking preparation and as it’s his last chance to make history. So, he promises his give his best for the cup.

Neymar told about the retainment from World Cup is a documentary show with DAZN. He made it very clear that that’s the time he is going to try for it. It was his childhood dream to win a world cup and hopefully, he will earn it.

Playing the world cup and represents a country like Brazil is very hard. When players failed to achieve their purpose, they had to face a lot of trash talk and criticism. Most people don’t have any idea how hard the field is but yet they raise their fingers at the players.

And that’s been very frustrating for many players. They lose the courage to play again. They sink into a dark depression period of their life. And obviously, they don’t get any respect for their hard work. All leads to the lack of confidence and failure again and again.

From Neymar’s statement, it’s kinda clear why he won’t play in the 2026 world cup. He faced all the problems we talked about above.

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Neymar says, “Man, I think it will be my last World Cup. I am facing it like the last World Cup because I don’t know whether I will be able to, mentally, endure more soccer.”

“I will do everything possible to get there very well,” he added. “I will do all I can to win it with my country and realize my dream, the biggest since my boyhood. I hope I can achieve it.”

Neymar’s performance in World Cup:

Neymar first started to play with Brazil’s big team in 2010. And after four years he played in the world cup in 2014. Neymar was still young then. Brazil did well all match. But they made a historical match that no one will ever forget. The match against Germany in the semifinals. Brazil swallow 7 goals which are known as the 7UP match of Brazil. Neymar wasn’t in the match cause of a previous match injury in the quarterfinal against Colombia.

And Neymar’s second world cup was in 2018. He took the team Brazil in the quarterfinal. They were playing against Belgium but lost by 2-1 goals. Neymar was playing in that match after returning from a heavy injury. So, could give a good performance and that’s why he had faced huge bully and criticism.

Hope he stays safe in all matches of the Qatar world cup and conquers the tournament.


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