Oracene Price

Oracene Price is an American tennis coach. She is the mother of two leading professional tennis players, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. The article below features more information about Price’s net worth, salary, age, height, and recent activities.

About Oracene Price:

In 1952, Price was born in Saginaw, Michigan. She completed her graduation from Buena Vista High School in 1970 and Western Michigan University. She married Yusef Rasheed in 1972. With him, she had three daughters. After Rasheed’s death, she married Richard Williams and had two more daughters.

Price is known for being a coach for her two daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. She taught herself tennis to help coach her daughter. While her parenting role has overshadowed her career, she has been called underappreciated as a coach. She is highly credited for her role in building her daughters’ self-esteem and poise under pressure, more than traditional coaching. For her help with her daughters’ career longevity, Price was praised by Journalist Bonnie D. Ford.

Though Price helped her daughters learn the technical aspects of tennis, she is more credited for her coaching on the mental part of the game. Her calm and unflappable attitude has won her the support of many people. She previously traveled to Kenya for charity work and Senegal to aid the construction of schools. She wishes to help as many children as possible to go to school.

Oracene Price’s Net Worth and Salary:

Price has a net worth of $1.5 million in 2022. She works as her daughter’s coach. She is well renowned for her mental strengthening coaching. In 2013, her daughter Venus sold her a house worth $310,000 for only $10, which was done to legalize ownership. The home’s current value is higher than what it was back then. The mother doesn’t share much about her personal life on social media.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Oracene “Brandy” Price
Birthdate 3 April 1952
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Age 70
Birthplace Saginaw, Michigan, US
Religion Christian (Jehovah’s Witness)
Nationality American
Net Worth $1.5 million
Marital Status Single
Father Albert Price
Mother Ora-Lee Price
Daughter Venus Williams, Serena Williams
Salary n/a
Twitter Handle n/a
Instagram Handle n/a

Price’s Husband:

Price was previously married to Yusef Rasheed, who died in 1979. With him, she had three daughters, Yetunde Price, Lynda Price, and Isha Price. After his death, Price married former American tennis coach Richard Williams. With Richards, she had two daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. The former daughters are among the best tennis players of all time.

Her Age:

The famous tennis personality was born on 3 April 2022. At present, she is 70 years old.

Price’s Charity Works:

Oracene Price has been involved with various charity works for a long time. She is mostly known for her OWL Foundation. The foundation supports children to study while simultaneously providing financial assistance to them. The foundation’s main goal is to help individuals with learning disabilities and academic failures express themselves and excel academically.

Price has also travelled to Africa with her daughter to promote the significance and effectiveness of education. Furthermore, she contributed in the construction of schools in Senegal.

Oracene Price’s Achievements:

Price is known for exclusively coaching her tennis prodigy daughters, Serena and Venus Williams. Her guidance has helped them win a staggering 120 singles titles and 28 doubles wins. The sisters have won a number of important tournaments under her instruction, including Serena’s Career Golden Slam and the Australian Open. Wimbledon, US Open, Olympic Gold Medal, WTA Tour Championships, Career Golden Slam – Doubles, French Open, and US Open by the William Sisters are also amongst her accolades.

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FAQ about Oracene Price:

What is Oracene Price’s Net Worth in 2022?

Price’s net worth is $1.5 million in 2022.

Is She Married?

No. Oracene Price was previously married to Richard Williams.

How Old is Price?

Price is currently 70 years old.


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