Qatar vs Senegal: Senegal Becomes First African Country to Win a Game in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar vs Senegal: Senegal Becomes First African Country to Win a Game in Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar vs Senegal: Senegal becomes the first African country to win a match in 2022 FIFA World Cup after an impressive performance against host country, Qatar.

Boulaye Dia, Famara Diedhiou and Bamba Dieng were on the score sheet for Senegal. While Qatar Muntari scored a header.

Senegal showed strength and composure in the match which was a pure entertainment for the fans.

Senegal players celebrating after winning the match

Qatar vs Senegal Review

Ismalia Sarr made a strong run inside Al Haidous before taking a shot at the goal in the 4th minute. The ball deflected and hit the side net, but the referee missed it and counted it as a goal kick.

While Eduardo Mendy mounted the goalpost, Sarr gave the right side of the field some life by tracking back and forth to keep Senegal’s game plan flowing.

During the game, Afif was adamant that Sarr fouled him as he moved toward the left side of the box. Undoubtedly awkward, as there was no contact between the two in the 33rd minute.

The referee appeared unconvinced, and VAR didn’t review the incident between Afif and Sarr.

Qatar goalkeeper Meshaal Barsham dragged the ball into his box in order to pick it up with his hands in the 38th minute, but Senegal Diatta was around him and had a chance to score, but Qatar defenders quickly came in to clear the ball.

Senegal capitalized on Qatar’s mistake to score in the 40th minute of the match.

It was a costly mistake from Khoukhi, who couldn’t clear the ball, and it fell on Boulaye Dia’s part, who scored Senegal’s first goal of the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar vs Senegal
Senegal players celebrating after scoring the third goal

Senegal scored the second goal of the match from a corner kick after Famara Diedhiou scored a beautiful header in the 48th minute. This goal has demoralized the faith of Qatar fans in winning the game.

Abdulla got Qatar’s first shot on target in 165 minutes of football matches in the 2022 edition of the World Cup. Senegal’s Eduardo Mendy was very quick to deny the host country from scoring in the 62nd minute.

The Chelsea goalkeeper was instrumental in helping Senegal keep the scoreboard in their favor during the game.

Qatar vs Senegal
Muntari gave Qatar fans hope after a beautiful header

Mendy was called into action in the 67th minute by Qatar Mahmoud, who was also excellent in the game.

The hosts lost another chance when Khoukhi escaped at the back stick and sent the ball back across the goal, briefly creating a commotion in the 72th minute.

Afterward, Senegal made offensive changes – Bamba Dieng and Iliman Ndiaye, while Diedhiou and Ismailia Sarr made way in the 72nd minute. Senegal manager Aliou Cisse saw how vulnerable Qatar’s back four was, and he put in more attackers, a tactic that seemed to be very effective.

Qatar vs Senegal
Senegal players celebrating after scoring the second goal

A few minutes after entering Qatar, Muntari scored a beautiful header in the 77th minute to give Qatar a lifeline as the stadium erupted. It is Muntari’s 13th goal for the host nation.

Senegal scored the third goal in the 84th minute of the match. Iliman Ndiaye was released on the right side, and he pulled the ball into the Qatar penalty box. Senegal Dieng got there earlier than any other Qatari defender to score the goal.

It was the goal that confirmed Qatar’s exit from the World Cup.

Qatar vs Senegal
Qatar vs Senegal: Dia celebrates after scoring his first goal.

In the 94th minute of the match, Abdulla creates a useful yard of space, but the eventual shot was wayward, and Eduardo Mendy did not have to bore himself about that.

Senegal currently sit in the second place of Group A in the World Cup with three points after two matches. In order to qualify for the next round of the World Cup they need at least a draw against Ecuador.

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