football and racism
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There’s no second opinion about how damaging and below belt Racism is. Unfortunately, the beautiful game is also plagued by Racism today. Due to the huge followers of the game, it’s the responsibility of influential bodies and famous figures to address the issue. English football community took a step forward towards the elimination of Racism from football and the whole world recently. Here’s how:

Social Media Boycott:

During the last weekend, the whole English football community including, EPL, FA, English Clubs, Players, and Coaches observed silence on Social Media from Friday to Monday mid-night GMT to condemn racism and raising awareness towards the elimination of Racism from the footballing community and whole world. The international governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA also took part in the cause.

All the British newscasters, media companies also observed the boycott to condemn the shameful act of Racism.

Who to address?

We have seen an increasing number of racist incidents in football over the years. Social Media platforms have been center stage for such shameful acts. Players and official personals have been a victim of this abuse on social media.

The 4-day silence over the weekend was aimed to call on the social media platforms to deploy viable solutions to stop online racial abuse. It is thought that owners and officials of such famous networks as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are not committed enough to address the issue.

The accounts and personnel who commit such shameful acts should be banned permanently from the platforms and there should be enough filters and restrictions to prevent such events and remarks from happening.

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Who is contributing to this social media boycott?

Major players and big platforms also came forward to raise awareness. Here are few examples of great moral contribution from symbolic footballing names:

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LEO MESSI spoke right on time to address the matter as he refused to celebrate his 200M follower landmark on Instagram, instead, he wrote to condemn racism in his recent Instagram post. View it here.

Famous media platform GOAL also took part in the cause by not posting any English football news over the weekend. In an Instagram post, the platform supported the boycott.

RAHEEM STERLING also tweeted to condemn racial acts across social media platforms as he posted on Twitter regarding the boycott he and his teammates will be observing during the stated 4 days.

The president of the British Football Association (FA) who is Duke of Cambridge, Prince Williams also came forward to ultimately eliminate racism from the beautiful game. He said: As President of the FA I join the entire football community in the social media boycott this weekend”.

Wrap Up:

It was a great step by such a huge community to urge social media platforms to increase the proactive measures against racism. Every player and human beings are equal regardless of skin color or race. Football is a game followed by millions around the globe and that places a huge responsibility on us as a community to stop racism. We rest our case here. Make sure you let us know your opinions in the comments. See you soon!



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