Raheem Sterling
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Not so long ago Raheem Sterling was the most important and regular active player in Manchester City. But since last year things changed a lot for Sterling. His activities aren’t the same anymore in the club. He became very irregular on the field. Not being in the field for games causes some problems.

Now, Raheem Sterling can’t ignore the void that creates because of his absence in playing. Mainly for this and some other issues Sterling planning to leave the club for better opportunities and new challenges. He wanna play more games and wanna reveal more of his strength.

Since becoming a regular member of the world’s most powerful club, Sterling was doing a very good job. Season 2019-20 was the best time in the City. He played a total of 51 games that season and scored 30 goals. Everything was going cool and okay with Sterling. But at the end of that season, Sterling started to fallen from his best position.

In the last season, he only made 14 goals. Which is okay for a midfielder. But not okay when you are Raheem Sterling. Fans and clubs were expecting more from him.

Another thing we all noticed is that City boss Pep Guardiola changed his planning method many times in the last season. He always does that a lot. And everyone is very much aware that Guardiola’s has weaknesses towards false nine position. Pep will follow that method in that season it’s pretty clear. And everyone guessing that Sterling will be the number nine in Guardiola’s plan. The English midfielder seems interested in that position.

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But main the problem is Guardiola isn’t using Sterling in the field much. In the running season, Sterling only starts the game in two matches. Sadly, his performance wasn’t good as everyone expected. Sterling is a bit disappointed about not having much time in the field. If got the opportunity then he wants to make a new career in other clubs.

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Raheem Sterling saying and contract with Manchester City:

Sterling seems pretty quite serious about leaving City. He says, “If there was an opportunity to go somewhere else, (for more game time), I would be open to it at this moment in time. As I said, football is the most important thing to me – challenges that I have set myself from a young age and dreams as well, to play abroad.”

“As an English player all I know is the Premier League and I have always had something down (in me) that maybe one day I would love to play abroad to see how I would come up against that challenge.”

“I’m not a person that’s going to complain. I’ve not tried to make it a bigger deal than it actually is.”

Sterling started his career in Liverpool. He started on the professional team in 2012. Spend three years with club Liverpool. Then in 2015 Sterling joined Manchester City for £49 million. In 2023 Sterling will be a free agent.


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