Real Madrid's Eden Hazard to make comeback in UCL clash against Chelsea
Photo: LDN Football/Twitter

Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard and Sergio Ramos will be part of the playing XI for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League clash against Chelsea on Wednesday night (tonight).

The news was confirmed by Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane earlier in the day. Zidane, who was once the backbone of Real’s attack, has affirmed that both Hazard and Ramos are roaring to play against Chelsea.

Fans are excited to see Hazard play after returning from a month-long rest that he had to take post-injury.

Before the recent injury, the Ex-Chelsea star missed 362 days either due to injury or illness ever since he joined the La Liga giants Los Blancos for $120 million in the summer of 2019.

As quoted by Sky Sports, Zidane said: “We’re going to need Eden. We know what a good player he is, and he’s definitely going to be helping the team. Eden is here with us, he’s ready, he’s prepared.”

“It’s a great time for it, it’s a great time for him, and I think he’s prepared, and that’s very good for us. We know the quality that he has. He’s going to bring his natural game and he’s going to show what he wants to do out there. I’m pleased with that.”

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On March 15, the Real Madrid forward sent social media in a frenzy after suffering another muscle injury in his brief return after two months. The footballer got hurt against #Elche after he came off the bench in the 75th minute.

Eden Hazard suffered 11 injuries in his entire seven-year stay at Chelsea. With Madrid, he has already been sidelined on multiple occasions for suffering 11 injuries in under two years.

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The footballer has never been injury-prone throughout his career, and event footballs fans are perplexed to see him go through pain like this.

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But it seems like the footballer is eager to return to action after a two-month rest that kept him out.

In a recent Instagram post, Hazard shared a picture of him training with his Madrid mates. he seemed more than eager to take on his former team and help Real triumph.

Madrid’s campaign in 2021

Real Madrid have fared well considering the obstacles they faced this year. The side has battled through spells of form, injury concerns and COVID-19 issues in a short time this season.

However, they have managed to become strong contenders to secure a league and Champions League double if they play their cards right.

Zidane has led Real to fairytale glory in his short tenure at the club. He has become one of the few football greats who enjoyed success as a footballer and coach both.

In the latest interview, the Real manager acknowledged the quality of players in his team. He remarked: “As we’ve said we’ve had challenges, we’ve had tough moments during the season. But you really have to tip your hat to the team, because they have great character.”

Zidane added: “They have personality, and when things get tough they always step up; they’ve shown that. They are the best players around in my eyes, and they’ve always shown that.”


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