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Since the beginning of the season, Bayern Munich’s biggest celebrity Robert Lewandowski said that he wants himself out of the club. He publicly made it very clear that he had no intention to stay in the Bavarians. Lewandowski is left with only one year contract with the club.

Lewandowski is the biggest name in the Bayern Munich club. He achieved everything from that club and gave his everything to the club. Munich made Lewandowski one of the world’s most valuable players; however, Lewandowski’s contribution to the club made the club one of the most successful clubs.

Even though Lewandowski got a lot from the club but he wants to leave the club now at any cost. Lewandowski wants to fly off since the transferring window is open and is desperate to play somewhere other than Munich.

Though Lewandowski is always talking about leaving the club and losing his interest in playing in Bayern Munich any longer, he never clearly said why he wants to leave the Bavarians. In an interview with Polish outlet Onet Sport, Lewandowski revealed his reason for exiting Munich.

Lewandowski says, “I just want to leave Bayern. I believe Loyalty and respect are more important than work. The best thing to do is find a perfect solution together. They didn’t want to listen to me until the end.”

“I am leaving because I want more emotions and excitement in my life. Something died inside of me – and it’s impossible to get over that. Even if you want to be professional, you can’t make up for it.”

“During so many years at the club, I was always ready, available, despite injuries and the pain, I gave my best. I think the best thing to do is find a good solution for both sides. And not to look for a one-sided decision.”

If Lewandowski could get off from the red jersey, then there is a huge possibility that he will join Barca. Barcelona is his dream club. He is truly desperate to play at Camp Nou. But Barca’s financial condition is so poor. It will be hard for them to buy Lewandowski from Bayern. Other than Barca, Manchester United and Chelsea are highly interested in taking in Lewandowski.

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Bayern Munich is prepared to hold Robert Lewandowski until the contract ends:

Robert Lewandowski has been playing for Munich for eight years. He has spent a very successful excellent career in Bayern. Now, Lewandowski is left with one more year contract with the club.

The club took his publicly saying announcement very badly. It made the club and Bayern fans mad. They said that if there is any problem, Lewandowski should try to solve them by discussing them with the club. His going into public has spoiled the club and Lewandowski’s image and reputation.

After all this, Bayern Munich doesn’t want to lose Lewandowski, and they are prepared to hold him at the club.

Former Bayern president Uli Hoeness said, “I’ve always said, if we don’t get an alternative to replace him (which is very difficult), then I would advocate for him to stay another year.”

And the current president of Bayern Munich, Herbert Hainer, says, “We have always said that Robert Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern until June 30, 2023. And a contract is a contract!.” So it seems like Lewandowski’s path to leaving Bayern is quite impossible before the contract deadline.

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